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Tile rendering feature- Remote render farm service

Tiled rendering is the process of subdividing a computer graphics image that allows users to split up large images into an equally spaced tile grid and render the grid pieces over multiple machines, speeding up rendering. The tile rendering systems are particularly common for low-power handheld device use.

There are many benefits to use tile rendering:

  • Render very high-resolution images faster by distributing them across multiple machines.
  • Ability to vary the region size visually based on scene detail.
  • Ability to modify and optimize regions after the initial render. The user could start with a grid, then subdivide or combine regions based on which regions take longer to complete. The goal is that each region takes approximately the same time to render.
  • Re-render several changed portions of an already rendered image. This happens automatically without the need for compositing software.
  • Quickly preview multiple regions of interest without rendering the entire image.
  • Maximize the use of your available render resources even when the output is a single image. This allows you to optimize render speed and stay within memory constraints.
  • Allows users to dramatically reduce the memory footprint when rendering very large images.

Each region is split up over multiple machines and rendered over Deadline. Think box Deadline is known as the best render farm management software allows to split up large frames into arbitrary sized tiles and distribute them over your render farm. When the tiles are finished rendering, they are automatically assembled into the final image using Draft. Specific tiles can be re-rendered and automatically composited on top of the original image. Regular tile rendering is available for 3ds Max, Houdini, Maya, modo, Rendition, Rhino, and Softimage and much more. (Contact us for consulting and support).

Rendering based on cloud computing (Cloud Rendering) with the power of thousands of CPUs & GPUs running in parallel makes rendering never so simple and easy like that. We, iRender, are so proud to be the only & pioneer company in Vietnam pursuing the development of this technology. iRender – Remote render farm service is equipped Thinkbox Deadline licenses in all our nodes, and we are proud of being one of some render farms in the world supporting tile rendering nowadays. You will be provided a .rdp file to connect a Master Node and monitor all slave nodes inside.

* Master Node is responsible for managing, controlling, distributing tasks for Slave Nodes, through a management platform commonly known as the Farm Manager Platform.

In a simple term, Master Node is a highly configurable server, integrated with ThinkBox Deadline (Farm Manager Platform) to manage, receive and split tasks then deliver into each Slave Node in the most optimal way.

Slave Nodes are professional workstations with the appropriate configuration to perform a specific type of computing tasks such as 3D Rendering in this case or any computational task assigned by the Master Node.

With the Remote Render Farm system, users only need to control directly with a single Master Node to take advantage of the computing power of all Slave Nodes that it manages.

All of nodes in a service pack are always ready and automatically optimized through ThinkBox DeadLine. Users have full control in distributing, tracking the progress and results of your work on each node. Start using the power of Render Farm as easily as your personal computer and you’ll have more time to enjoy the joy of work.

At iRender, we always strive to give our clients the best service that is not only effective but also convenient. We hope you are also excited about this new rendering solution as we are.

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