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iRender GPU - iRender new desktop application

With the aim to effectively equip users, reduce the procedure of using application and website at the same time, iRender has released a desktop app called iRender GPU. It will contain almost all the features, help you to recharge your account, transfer files and connect to the remote servers/machines on your own local PC without having to come to the iRender website.

Right now, the Windows version of iRender GPU is available on iRender. For the macOS and Linux versions, it will be in the near future.

How to use iRender GPU

The following section will help you know how to install iRender GPU and use it.

        1. Download and install the app on your local PC.
        2. Register/login the app by your iRender account and follow this instruction to use it.

Watch this video tutorial on how to use iRender GPU app:

If you don’t want to use the iRender GPU app, or you are macOS or Linux users, you still can work through our website.

Advantages of iRender GPU

Reduce the procedure

Before, you needed to use our iRender drive to transfer data, and then come back to our website to create a machine and connect to it. Many users have struggled with this step, as they think that they can use our iRender drive to connect to the remote machine. They don’t know that our workflow is still web-based.

Understanding that struggle, and wanting to reduce the procedure, now, you don’t need to go to our website to create a machine and connect. You can just download our iRender GPU app, and do every step there. This all-in-one app doesn’t require you to download a .rdp file to connect, therefore it’s very convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to download many things to their PC.

Update or request the service on time

iRender GPU doesn’t only integrate the workflow to the app, but also all the updates, extra services, documentation, and support. Now you can release your web browser from loading the iRender page.

The dashboard of the app helps you learn about updates, promotions, and new releases of products from iRender.

The extra service helps you request for additional services from iRender servers.

Especially, you don’t need to come to our website to chat with our 24/7 support team. You can chat with us from the iRender GPU app. Just click the Live Support 24/7 bubble on the bottom left side of the app, and you can talk with us about your issues when using our services.

Free for all iRender users:

This is one of the key points that makes iRender GPU one of the best solutions available for users using iRender service. You can have all of the advantages listed above while not having to pay any extra expense to use it.


Download the app and sign up for the service today to be able to experience the great advantages of iRender GPU and speed up your rendering. iRender is having the biggest promotion this year, a 50% or 100% bonus. Especially, if you use Cinema 4D and Redshift, now you can access our remote servers without having to install the software and plugin. We have an option to choose pre-installed Cinema 4D and Redshift, and provide you license free from 15th to 31st July 2023.

Thank you & Happy rendering!

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