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Getting started Nvidia Omniverse with iRender

NVIDIA Omniverse is an open, easily extensible platform designed for online collaboration in the real-time accurate physics simulation. Creators, designers, researchers, and engineers can connect key design tools, content, and projects to collaborate and iterate in a shared virtual space. So how to set up Omniverse on iRender server? Let’s explore the way in this article. 

The highlight of Nvidia Omniverse

  • Direct collaboration between users and applications. 

Nvidia Omniverse brings together industry-leading 3D design tools and users in real-time on a single & interactive platform. Besides, workflow is simplified as regular updates without data preparation required.

  • Real-time speed, offline quality. 

Nvidia Omniverse provides scalable, real-time ray-tracing and path-tracing capabilities. Deliver beautiful, physically accurate, and realistic images in real-time.

  • Realistic simulation with RTX technology. 

Build once, show anywhere. Stream the effects of NVIDIA RTX technology directly to any of your devices. Share your work easily and make sure it’s presented as expected.

Nvidia Omniverse Ecosystem

Nvidia Omniverse has 5 factors: Nucleus, Connect, Kit, Simulation, and RTX Renderer

  • Nucleus

Omniverse Nucleus is the collaboration engine and database of the Omniverse platform. It allows each user in a team can connect together live with multiple programs at the same time. Thus users can choose the most comfortable application that they want. 

  • Connect

Omniverse Connectors are plugins to enable client applications to connect to Nucleus. Then, you can create and subscribe to individual assets and full worlds. Moreover, it provides the highest connections and a live sync workflow between client applications and Omniverse Apps.

  • Kit

The microservices and premiere foundation for new Omniverse connected tools is Omniverse Kit. It can be easy to create a microservice. Or it can go with a UI that is generated dynamically with Python allowing full customization.

  • Simulation

Besides, the Omniverse platform gives developers NVIDIA’s core physics simulation technologies. The key technologies include NVIDIA PhysX, PhysX Flow, and PhysX Blas.

  • RTX Renderer

RTX technology helps Omniverse is being a multi-GPU scalable renderer accelerated. Therefore, end-users can easily switch between a real-time ray-traced mode and referenced path-traced mode.

Getting started Nvidia Omniverse with iRender

iRender’s server is not only passed through minimum Omniverse System Requirements, but it also brings effective features for use. There are highlights of the configuration: 

  • Multiple GPU uniformity: RTX 3090 x 24Gb VRAM. 
  • RAM of 256GB. Furthermore, we provide storage (NVMe SSD) up to 512GB.
  • Processors with high core counts: Intel Xeon, and/or AMD Ryzen.
  • Operating systems: 64-bit Windows 10 and 64-bit distribution Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS with Glibc 2.27

With advanced features in iRender’s documentation, users can enjoy fabulous support from our team. 

One of the developers from Omniverse Nvidia, Pekka has chosen iRender service. And thanks to him to make the instruction video for Omniverse users. Check it out here: 

If you are finding a powerful server to use Omniverse, let’s start with iRender by CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Do not hesitate to contact Candace – Whatsapp/Telegram: +840394000881 or email: [email protected] to get a coupon for trial. 

Source: developer.nvidia.com

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