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As we all know, 3D render engines are the software items that perform the transformation of the prepared 3D scene into a image or animation. They can be based on different methods, such as ray-tracing, rasterization, path-tracing. Depending on the speed and the outcome expected, it comes in different types – real-time and non real-time. Which is why 3D rendering market provides an array of solutions for 3D rendering – different programs that are designed to satisfy different needs. For today’s article, let’s explore the key features of one of the most widely-used render engine worldwide, Maxwell, from Next Limit Technologies.

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Top Cinema 4D Plugins For Architecture

In today article, let’s get overviews about some Cinema 4D Plugins and tools for Architectural visualization that you can use to create amazing interior and exterior scenes in a short period of time in the best possible quality. Some of these tools are for speeding up the modeling process, others are for generating procedural elements that are hard to create manually.

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How to solve 3 errors in Vray for 3Dsmax

Hello everyone,
Almost all artists know Vray renderer from Chaos. Vray is the world’s most complete 3D rendering software for high-end visualization and production. And it is a renderer that interacts with 3D software and can apply almost any studio workflow from small scale to large scale.
Although Vray has a lot of advantages, while using it, there still exist some problems related to the product process pipeline. This article, you can explore how to solve some problems in Vray for 3Dsmax.

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Grass shown in a transportation project
Grass shown in a transportation project

Tips for Rendering Grass on Revit with Enscape

Any material in Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Vectorworks, or Archicad with the word “grass” in its name will render, by default, as a thick three-dimensional-looking grass in Enscape. For today’s article, we will see how Dan Stine, an author, blogger, educator, design technologist and Wisconsin-registered architect, the Director of Design Technology at Lake | Flato architects in San Antonio, Texas cover the ins and outs of the grass rendering feature in Enscape, with a focus on Revit software.

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Common Issues With Architectural Rendering

Architectural rendering is a vital part of attracting investors and wowing clients. With today’s powerful hardware and software, designers can make photo-realistic renders of buildings to be, bringing their designs to life and helping developers sell their ideas. However, when your imagination is the only limit, it can be difficult presenting a realistic design. Many designers invest countless hours perfecting every pixel that the design becomes overcrowded. Others, on the other hand, try to use ‘cheats’ to speed up their process. There are many common problems and mistakes designers encounter daily, and it can be a tedious task figuring out how to fix them. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common issues and see how they can be solved.

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