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OptiX or CUDA: Which one is faster in Blender Cycles?

Choosing CUDA or OptiX is essential to getting the most out of Blender’s rendering performance. Both of these rendering technologies have significant benefits in terms of quality and efficiency. CUDA is best suggested for faster, more CPU-intensive tasks, whereas OptiX is best for more complex, GPU-intensive tasks. It is important to consider the specific requirements of your project to select the best rendering technology for your needs. To choose the rendering technology that suits your needs, it is crucial to consider all of the requirements of your projects. In this article today, let’s find the answer to the question: “Is CUDA or OptiX faster in Blender Cycles?” with iRender.

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The relationship between Polygons and Memory in C4D and Octane

Geometry (or polygons) can affect the system’s performance in various ways. When talking about geometry, there are two areas to investigate – the number of polygons in a single object, and the total number of polygon objects in the scene. Both areas have different considerations and challenges. This article will focus on the number of polygons in a single object. We are going to look more into how polygons are treated and the relationship between polygons and memory in C4D and Octane.

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The best cloud rendering service for Daz Studio and iRay

Daz Studio is a computer graphics program for creating highly configurable 3D scenes, from scratch or from pre-imported models. It’s a very famous tool for 3D artists and creators, with robust and vast variety support of different tools and assets (such as posing, wardrobe, hairstyle, background, etc.). With its easy-to-use workflow and free subscription, Daz Studio is preferred by many. The rendering tool often come free with Daz is iRay by Nvidia.
In this article, iRender guides you on the system requirements and the best cloud rendering service for Daz Studio and iRay.

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Saving your working time with Maya hotkeys for animation

Like many high-end apps, Maya has a set of hotkeys (or keyboard shortcuts) to help you work faster and more efficiently. However, the default hotkeys are not the optimal for your workflow. Therefore, you can create your own customized hotkeys. In this article, let’s find out how to set up customized hotkeys in Maya and some Maya hotkeys for animation.

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How C4D and Octane work and use the hardware together

Mastering how C4D and Octane work together and use the hardware takes time but it is important for rendering efficiently. Once you understand how C4D and Octane leverage hardware, you can make smarter choices – from hardware upgrades to scene design. This article explains at a high level how the two programs leverage various system resources like the CPU, GPU, memory and storage. Let’s deep dive!

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The Best Software for Animated Graphics

Although animation is a very flexible marketing tool, producing attractive animations constantly requires much work. 3D animations can show large landscapes, crowds of people, or altered realities since they have greater depth and scale. In addition, the use of 3D animation also helps create images that are realistic or extremely difficult to generate (which cannot be achieved with traditional animation techniques).
In this post, we will share the best software options to create 3D animations easily and get the best results.

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Blender 4.0 Release With Important Rendering Improvements

As we all know, Blender is a very popular open-source 3D computer graphics suite with various use cases, from creating animations to motion graphics, visual effects, and more. It can be said that this is a very easy-to-use software for beginners to participate in and learn about the field of 3D art. Recently, the Blender Foundation revealed the release of Blender 4.0, which represents “a huge leap forward in rendering, tooling, and more to take your Creative Freedom to the next level.” The release of Blender 4.0 makes it an exciting program for all professionals and graphic artists. Let’s deep dive into today’s iRender article.

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How Redshift leverages hardware: GPU, CPU & Memory requirements explained

To optimize Redshift’s performance, it’s important to understand how it leverages different hardware components. While the GPU plays the primary role as Redshift is mainly a GPU renderer, certain preprocessing stages depend on the CPU, disk, and network such as extracting meshes, loading textures, and preparing scenes. In this article, we will examine “How Redshift leverages hardware: GPU, CPU & Memory” to provide clarity on specifications for this renowned renderer.

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Some best plugins for Octane you need to know

OTOY Octane render is one of the most famous 3D plugins which artists and studios often use in many fields, because of its convenience and versatility. Although it’s a plugin with all the necessary features, you can still find many other cool tools or plugins to use with Octane, helping you achieve better result and saves time and money.
Today, let’s explore some best plugins for Octane you need to know.

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