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iRender : GPU-Accelerated Cloud Render Farm.
We’re a set of beautifully obvious GPU cloud rendering to keep your ideas moving.

Using MOPS : Magical Operators for Houdini with iRender

In Houdini, MOPs is a toolkit for motion graphics. It is an organization of HDAs (custom nodes) designed to simplify a variety of basic motion graphics operations, including local transformations, path motion, masking operations, and more. Many VFX companies, big and small, use it as well to speed up the process of creating traditional FX. What makes it special? Let’s find out with iRender in today’s article.

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Maxon’s Cinebench 2024 and its CPU & GPU Scores

Maxon’s Cinebench has established itself as one of the most popular benchmarking tools for evaluating CPU performance. The latest version 2024 continues this legacy while ushering in updates to enhance the benchmarking experience. Most notably, it re-introduces GPU benchmarking support through tests of GPU rendering performance in Redshift, a prominent renderer recently acquired by Maxon. This article will explore the changes found in Cinebench 2024 and provide a look at both the CPU and GPU scores it can produce. By examining these benchmark results, users can gain valuable insight into how different hardware configurations perform comparatively.

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Way to use the new camera keyframe animations in Keyshot

Are you looking to take your KeyShot path animations to the next level? One method to increase the visual look and break away from the expected is path animations. KeyShot 2023 has replaced camera path animation with a keyframe-based camera animation solution, building on the keyframe architecture that exists in Keyshot. Dynamic camera animations can be created more quickly than ever before. In this article today, we will find the way to use the new camera Keyframe animations in Keyshot.

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Will AI occupy 3D arts?

Development of text to image software or programs like MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E is making a huge impact on the field of digital arts. Many people complain about it plagiarizing the art sources on the internet, many are afraid of a future there’s no human creativity but only AI reproducing. The fear of AI occupy 3D arts is there, we can feel it. But will it be able to do that? Let’s find out in this article.

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The best plugins for Unreal Engine 5 in 2023

Lumen in Unreal Engine 5 is a fully dynamic global illumination and reflection system. It comes ready to use in Unreal Engine 5, so creators don’t have to set it up themselves. It was made for next-generation consoles and high-end visualizations like architectural visualization. So what features it provides and how it works? Let’s grasp it with iRender.

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Nvidia GeForce vs. AMD Radeon – Which GPUs should we get in 2023?

AMD and Nvidia are the two biggest graphics card manufacturers. The Nvidia processors typically have higher power, which is the most fundamental distinction between AMD GPUs and Nvidia GPUs. AMD’s budget cards offer good value at a reasonable cost, even though there isn’t much that separates them from their top-of-the-line models. Whether you choose an AMD or Nvidia GPU, you’ll receive a strong GPU with lots of features. In this article today, we’ll discuss the broad overview of the face-off, beginning with a short comparison.

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Some best tools to simulate clothing in 3D

Digital fashion is slowly emerged as one of the best way to present the creativity of designers to life. You are not just limited in sketching and illustrating, but now can create 3D garment and simulate motion, even make a digital fashion show by yourself. To do that, we see many software be able to help you design and make clothes, and to serve customers faster than traditional fashion. This article will introduce some of the best tools to simulate clothing in 3D, you can choose whichever most suitable for your workflow.

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