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How to create hair braids in Blender

Hair-type particle systems control strand-like items, such as hair, fur, grass, quills, etc. The interlacing of three or more material strands creates a complicated structure known as a braid. We can see them most frequently in hair though braids can be made from any flexible material, such as wire or textiles. In this article today, let’s explore how to use Blender to create hair braids.

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Troubleshooting DaVinci Resolve not using GPU

Sometimes when you use DaVinci Resolve to process the images’ color grading, effects, etc, you will encounter a problem where the software kind of not effectively using the GPU, and it’s often with free version. In this article, we will try to give you a solution we have discovered to how to troubleshoot DaVinci Resolve not using GPU effectively.

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Generate images faster in Stable Diffusion with NVIDIA TensorRT

Stable Diffusion, mainly used to generate images from text prompts, has grown rapidly with numerous new interfaces emerging quicker than people can keep up with. In addition to third-party packages meant to distribute Stable Diffusion widely, GPU manufacturers are also contributing greatly to deliver huge gains in Stable Diffusion speed. This article will introduce the NVIDIA TensorRT extension and explain how it can double the speed of Automatic 1111 Stable Diffusion Web UI, one of the most common implementations of Stable Diffusion. Let’s explore!

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How to Set Up Cinema 4D’s Octane Sunlight to Make a Realistic Scene

To light up the entire space, it is crucial to arrange the room properly and have enough windows to let natural light in. You can get really good, sharp light shapes on objects by using the sun’s light, which improves the scene’s realism.
In this article today, we are going to learn how to set up Octane sunlight to achieve a realistic, vibrant look and feel.

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Know bucket and progressive rendering in Redshift

Redshift features bucket rendering and progressive rendering modes. Bucket rendering divides images into independent “buckets” for parallel GPU computation, speeding up renders. Progressive rendering iteratively improves results over time, enabling early previews without waiting for full completion. These methods optimize hardware and provide incremental feedback to boost creative workflows. In this article, iRender will detail these two rendering modes and share with you some tips for faster rendering in Redshift.

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Compare Nvidia and AMD GPU when rendering Redshift

We all know that the biggest name in the GPU rendering market is Nvidia. However, through time, we still want to enlarge the providers of GPU to have more options. AMD is one of the name we often hear and Maxon also update its software and plugin to run on AMD cards. In this article, let’s have a look at some of the latest graphics cards of these two brands, then compare Nvidia and AMD GPU when rendering Redshift.

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Is Unreal Engine or Twinmotion able to use multiple GPUs for path tracer?

Since Unreal Engine 5.1 and Twinmotion 2023.1, they support using multiple GPUs for path tracer performance. Actually it’s from way before that when you can use more than one GPU to perform some of special functions in Unreal Engine; however, it’s only widely known recently by many users. This makes us want to discuss a question which I received from many users of mine: Is Unreal Engine or Twinmotion able to use multiple GPUs for path tracer?

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How to take High-Resolution Screenshots in Unreal Engine 5

In Unreal Engine, taking high-resolution screenshots is a simple and quick procedure that is necessary for exhibiting the beauty of your game or scene. The most effective way to present your work is by mastering this process, whether it be for marketing materials, 3D assets, or specific scenarios. In this article, we’ll look at how to take perfect high-quality pictures that accurately capture all the details of your Unreal Engine productions. In Unreal Engine, there are various methods for taking high-resolution screenshots, so let’s start with iRender.

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