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iRender : GPU-Accelerated Cloud Render Farm.
We’re a set of beautifully obvious GPU cloud rendering to keep your ideas moving.

How to transfer things from one Cinema 4d version to another

There’s a lot you might want to switch from version to version, which takes a long time to re-do every time you switch Cinema 4D versions. But you know, there are some simple ways to transfer all this custom content from one version to another!
There are different techniques for each type of thing you want to transfer, so let’s explore with iRender how to transfer your content from version to version, by type of content

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Memory Optimizations for GPU rendering on V-ray
Image source: Canary Wharf by Uniform

Memory Optimizations for GPU rendering on V-ray

Depending on the scene setup, V-Ray GPU might reach high VRAM consumption due to scene complexity, which might end up with an Out-Of-Memory error. Adding a GPU device with more VRAM to the machine is always the best option to resolve the issue. But if that is not an acceptable option you may use the following techniques to reduce the amount of VRAM used and eventually render the scene without Out-Of-Memory error.

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Tips for better Render Quality with Arnold for Maya

Arnold is a ray-tracing renderer program from Autodesk for calculating three-dimensional, computer-generated scenes and has become one of the most widely used rendering programs in professional film production worldwide in recent years. Over 300 leading studios and production houses use Arnold as their standard renderer. In today’s article, let’s learn some tips for better render quality with Arnold for Maya.

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iRender - The next generation of render farm technology
iRender - The next generation of render farm technology

iRender – The next generation of render farm technology

Although nowadays we have render farm technology to help artists with their rendering, we believe nothing can replace human ideas. Our human brain works differently, with constant changes and creativities, and is very adaptive. Can a normal render farm (SaaS) meet all those changes within the production of a 3D project? Or is it just an automated process and 3D artists stand no chance to modify their works?
We will compare what a normal render farm can grant you and how iRender – the next generation of render farm technology, can help you work freely and creatively with your ideas.

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Use Portal Lights in Redshift to improve your interior lighting

When lighting interiors in Redshift for Cinema 4D, we often use environment maps to create a natural look. The only issue is that this requires a lot of global illumination bounces to look good and can significantly increase render times. Therefore, we can avoid adding global illumination bounces by using portal lights instead to improve your interior lighting.

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Exploring New Features in Houdini 19.5

Houdini is a potent and fantastic piece of software. It was created by SideFX and is intended for artists working on modeling, rigging, animation, visual effects, developing looks, lighting, rendering, and other related tasks for movies, television shows, commercials, video games, etc. In this article, we will explore “new features in Houdini 19.5”.

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How to use Octane Render for Cinema 4D on iRender server

Now you might wonder how you can take advantage of this cloud rendering to speed up your render speed on Octane? In this article, we’ll show you how to use Octane Render for Cinema 4D on iRender server, and also troubleshoot some issues that might arise when installing this plugin. Now let’s get started!

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Create Quick Custom Lighting with Keyshot HDRI Editor

KeyShot environment capabilities allow you to drag and drop default lighting environments from the Library, Environments tab, import pre-built HDRI’s from third-party libraries, or build them from scratch using the HDRI Editor. Let’s explore how to create a quick custom HDRI environment for your KeyShot scenes with iRender today!

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Starting 3ds Max Network Rendering

Rendering networks are sometimes called “render farms.” One machine is configured as the network manager in 3ds Max. The Manager distributes the job to rendering Servers by “farming it out.” Additionally, you can use the same computer concurrently as a Manager and a Server to avoid wasting processing time. In today article, let’s see how can we get started with network rendering for 3ds Max

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