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How fast is a 2x RTX 4090 workstation for Blender rendering?

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 deserves the title of the new Rendering Champion when its GPU rendering is often nearly twice as fast as the previous generation RTX 3090 or RTX 3090 Ti. Obviously, a single RTX 4090 is already very fast on its own for Blender rendering. However, do you know how much faster a 2x RTX 4090 workstation for Blender would be? Let’s find the answer in this article!

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Blender Cloud Rendering Service

You can use Blender anytime, anywhere to unleash your creativity, 3D graphic design. If your computer is not powerful enough to handle a lot of heavy scenes in Blender. Therefore, it’s time to consider using a render farm to cut your render time. In today’s blog, let’s explore with iRender what is the best solution for Blender Cloud Rendering!

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Hardware Recommendations for Redshift with iRender

One of the top rendering engines on the market is Redshift from Maxon. Redshift stands out from the competition due to its quickness, customizability, and ability to produce stunning outputs. Redshift gives artists the power to build environments that completely match their ideas for everything from blockbuster films to AAA video games. But surely there must be a cost to all that power and a requirement for performance. We’ve created a list of things about our recommended computer hardware that gonna help build your powerful workstation and why iRender might become an effective solution for Redshift to speed up the rendering process and bring incredible rendering results.

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Use Maxon App for Maxon software

The Maxon App is a desktop application that makes it easier to install, update, and manage your Maxon apps, as well as discover new tools to stimulate your creativity and complement your workflow. The Maxon App takes the place of the Red Giant Application Manager, making it simple to access the full range of Maxon’s creative tools. Cinema 4D, Red Giant Complete, Universe, Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, VFX Suite, PluralEyes, and Redshift are currently supported.

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Render smooth hair with Hair Min Pixel Width in Redshift

When rendering thin hair geometry in Redshift, there is a common issue called aliasing. Aliasing can appear as moire or noise-like visual artifacts. To alleviate this issue, we can use the Hair Min Pixel Width in Redshift’s advanced render settings. In today’s article, iRender will guide you to use the Hair Min Pixel Width setting to render smooth hair. Explore now!

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How to install Redshift renderer on iRender’s Remote Machine

Redshift is a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer designed to meet the unique requirements of modern high-end production rendering. To put it another way, Redshift is designed to help creative individuals and studios of all sizes. Redshift, in fact, provides a slew of powerful features and integrates with industry-standard CG applications. Over the last few years, an increasing number of designers have begun to use Redshift for rendering, dramatically shortening their render times as a result of this renderer. In today’s article, let’s explore how to install a Redshift license on iRender’s Remote Server.

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iRender’s perfect new RTX 4090 for Redshift rendering

The hottest graphics card right now is RTX 4090, with much hype over how it outperforms other old series 3000 and 2000. In this article, iRender will help you to have a look at its specifications, test its performance and introduce a perfect new RTX 4090 server for Redshift rendering.

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