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Keyshot - The rendering speed you need

KeyShot is designed to make 3D rendering and animation easy. In just a few steps you can create amazing visuals from your 3D models to use throughout the product development process. Make more informed design decisions and create variations of concepts faster for customers, manufacturing, or marketing. All with the power of KeyShot. It’s time to learn more about the highlights with iRender team in this article. 


With a workflow-based interface, KeyShot is extremely easy to learn and use. Any 3D artist can achieve photographic results within minutes of opening the application. Furthermore, it provides the depth of functionality to satisfy the needs of the most advanced user. These advanced capabilities are easy to learn and use.

All you need is to focus on your project, not software.


It not only brings materials that reflect a physically accurate. But also they are easy to understand representation of materials and their properties.  Every change of each material: tweak, color, texture in real-time to give you the perfect materials for your scene.

Most importantly, in KeyShot Cloud – one of the largest online resources for rendering assets, you share materials.

KeyShot materials make your project more realistic.


KeyShot is 100% CPU-powered and will use 100% of your CPU’s processing power. The more processor cores, the faster the render engine. Besides, KeyShot supports render based on GPU. You may toggle between GPU and CPU as needed. With one click, users accessed GPU resources and take advantage of multi-GPU performance scaling by KeyShot’s GPU Mode. After that, it dedicated ray tracing acceleration hardware in NVIDIA RTX-capable GPUs.

Keyshot is software that accesses complete computing power.


KeyShot is the only rendering application that is truly integrated throughout the entire development process. That’s to say, It is able to import nearly any file format. Due to KeyShot’s extensive partnership network, users can transfer data directly from their application into easier. Besides, you can make any updates to the scene without any loss of work by KeyShot’s unique LiveLinking technology.

Your idea is going to be presented sooner than you expected.


KeyShot is the first rendering application that allows you to work in a full ray traced environment from the beginning. Every change you make – material, lighting, geometry – is instantly updated and allows you to evaluate the result within a few seconds. 

In Keyshot, you can see your results instantly!


KeyShot’s real-time render engine contains the most advanced lighting algorithms. This lighting completely changes what is possible for visualizing interior spaces. 

Therefore, users do have not to adjust complex parameters such as the number of photons needed to render a given scene. With this software, you can render scenes containing complicated lights without compromising quality or accuracy. 

With Keyshot your scene lights upright!

Powerful server to accelerate rendering Keyshot projects

KeyShot is one of the few applications where you can switch from CPU mode to GPU mode with one click. You can choose to take 100% advantage of all physical and virtual CPU cores in your computer. Or you can utilize 100% of all the GPU power available. Besides, you scale linearly in performance without ever tapering off when more CPUs or GPUs are added.

On the other hand, rendering in GPU or CPU is independent workflows. As a result, the hardware requirements are dependent on how to plan to render using KeyShot. GPU ray tracing supports NVIDIA GPUs. 

At iRender, we provide servers that have multiple GPUs RTX 3090. Besides, iRender’s server has processors with high core counts: Intel Xeon, and/or AMD Ryzen. This processor is suitable for Keyshot system requirements. 

With some easy steps, you can take full control of iRender servers. You can even use them for other tasks in the production process, not only rendering. Let’s enjoy the service beyond your expectations at iRender by CREATING AN ACCOUNT

After that, please contact Candace – Whatsapp/Telegram: +840394000881 or email: [email protected] to get a coupon for a trial. 

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