June 19, 2022 Hana Trieu

3ds Max 2023.1: Key Features and Improvements

3ds Max 2023.1, which is the latest version of Autodesk’s 3D modeling and rendering software, has just been released. The update adds a new spline extrusion workflow to the viewport. It also makes a number of improvements to important modifiers for 3D modeling, texturing, and character animation.

Key Features and Improvements of 3ds Max 2023.1

1. New spline extrusion workflow in 3D modeling

The new spline extrusion workflow in 3ds Max 2023.1 is likely the most significant of the software’s 3D modeling toolset’s incremental improvements.

When using the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools, users can now extrude spline segments or vertices and clone spline segments directly in the viewport as well by holding down [Shift] or [Ctrl] + [Shift]. The spline extrusion workflow is supported on Line, Editable Spline, and Edit Spline objects. When using the Editable Spline or an Edit Spline modifier, changing a Spline Vertex type to Smooth, Bezier, or Bezier Corner now modifies the nearby spline segments to a curve type as well.

2. Updates to Smart Extrude, Chamfer, and TurboSmooth in 3D modeling

3ds Max’s Smart Extrude system today handles concave surfaces better when extruding faces. This is the latest in a series of enhancements to the feature. The Chamfer modifier has been updated in many recent releases. It now has a reworked retriangulation algorithm to reduce the possibility of long and thin edges, as well as misaligned edges. Also, TurboSmooth, which is used to subdivide geometry, achieves “performance improvements of up to 2x.”

3. Texturing and character animation key modifiers have been updated

There are also improvements to many of 3ds Max’s other modifiers. Specifically, VertexPaint has a new Capture button for capturing color information from modifiers below it in the modifier stack. It’s now possible to limit the relax operation to the UV components selected when using the Unfold3D Optimize technique in the Unwrap UVW modifier’s Relax Tool. 

The Morpher and Skin modifiers (above) both gain performance boosts for character animation. However, the release notes don’t specify how much faster they are.

4. Isolate Selection, Perspective Match, and material libraries have all been updated

Other updates in 3ds Max 2023.1 include a new Zoom Extents on Isolate mode for Isolate Selection, which zooms in on the isolated object in the viewport automatically, as illustrated above. The new Allow Deformed View option in the Perspective Match utility, which orients a camera to match the perspective of a background image, allows the view to be distorted non-uniformly. Furthermore, material libraries compatible with previous versions of 3ds Max, dating back to 3ds Max 2020, can now be saved, and the behavior of the progress bar in the UI has been improved.

Above are the main features and updates of 3ds Max 2023.1 that we have summarized. For more details on this latest version, you can read more about Autodesk’s release here.

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