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New capabilities in V-Ray 6 for Maya

After the introduction of V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max earlier this year, Maya is now the second host application to gain the new features from V-Ray 6. Chaos releases V-Ray 6 for Maya on August 31, 2022. V-Ray 6 for Maya broadens its feature set with geometric tiling, procedural clouds, a new shader profiler, and more. In this blog, let’s learn more about what new features V-Ray 6 for Maya achieves.

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Getting Started With OctaneRender for Daz Studio

Octane Render engine is a Daz Studio render engine plugin that creates amazing results quickly! While Iray and 3Delight are excellent render engines, they can take a long time to render and complete your 3D scene. If you only have a small scene, have a short turnaround time, or have yet to build your ideal super-fast (and somewhat expensive) system, you’ll need a lighter and faster render engine that takes less time and works with a variety of systems.

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How to troubleshoot “Octane license is not activated” issue

Octane is online license activation, meaning that use of the software is available only while online, connected via the internet to the OctaneRender licensing server. It’s for preventing piracy.
However, sometime you might encounter the issue where “Octane license is not activated”. Let’s find out how to troubleshoot it.

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Troubleshooting Displacement keeps crashing in Octane for Cinema 4D

Displacement in Octane is always a somewhat advanced topic. While using it, there are inevitable problems that you will encounter. “It’s not working” and “It keeps crashing” are the two biggest problems. In today’s article, iRender will continue to steer you in the right direction for fixing the Displacement Keeps Crashing Problem in Octane for Cinema 4D. Let’s dive into the detailed troubleshooting steps!

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Displacement Troubleshootings in Octane for Cinema 4D

At iRender, day by day we try to make every little thing better. We bring the power of thousands of friendly and easy-to-use GPUs directly to your desk and keep your ideas moving. For some unknown reason, regular Cinema 4D doesn’t work with Octane displacement. In this article, iRender will give you some solutions when this error occurs.

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Common errors and solutions for Blender users with iRender

Blender is a free and open-source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, and even video editing and game creation. In this article, iRender will guide you to deal with some problems encountered when using Blender software.

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Factors to consider before choosing a render service

As a creative in the 3D graphics industry, you’ve probably come across the concept of renderfarm at least once in a while, or even sat down to research which services currently on the market are right for your project. But the story of finding a service is never easy in a matrix of countless renderfarms, it is difficult and takes time (even money) to make the right decision.

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