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Troubleshooting Simulation Problems with Dynamics in Cinema 4D

When dealing with a scene that has a lot of dynamic objects in it, simulating realistic dynamics can be a computationally expensive operation. The computer program must evaluate the geometry of each object in each frame to determine whether or not it has collided. In this article, we will learn about some tips to solve Simulation Problems with Dynamics in Cinema 4D.

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Fixing error “Redshift isn’t showing up in the toolbar” with iRender

As you might know, Maxon Redshift is famous as a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer that works compatibly with Cinema 4D. When you install Redshift in Cinema 4D, you might feel odd not seeing Redshift showing up in your toolbar as a “plugin”, wonder what gone wrong. In this article, iRender will explain what should be done when this error occurs.

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Render faster with super 8 x RTX 3090 package for Octane-Redshift at iRender

As a part of our continuing efforts to provide the best service and best performance to our customers, iRender launched the most powerful server of 8 x RTX 3090 in November 2021. Since then, Package 8 x RTX 3090 has proved its superiority in rendering performance and has become the hottest package among iRender users.

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Volume Effect: Make Clouds on Octane render with iRender

In the last blog, we’ve learned how to make fire with Turbulence FD and also how to Create Fog on Octane and C4d. Now let’s come to the last volume effect in this series and also the most difficult one, this section discusses how to make clouds with open VDB files with iRender Cloud Rendering service. Now let’s get started!

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Getting Started With OctaneRender for Nuke with iRender

Nuke’s 3D workspace allows you to set up a 3D composite for camera moves, set replacement, and other applications where you need to simulate a “real” dimensional environment. For large projects, we often choose 3rd party renderers to render with Nuke, be it Redshift, V-ray, OctaneRender,… In today’s article, let’s learn the basic requirements to get started with OctaneRender for Nuke.

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Common Errors and Solutions for Cinema 4D users with iRender

MAXON Cinema 4D is a leading 3D software that provides outstanding modeling, sculpting, animation, and rendering features for a very efficient 3D workflow. Maxon requires Cinema 4D users to have a license in order to use authorized Cinema 4D. In this article, iRender will guide you to deal with some problems encountered when using C4D software.

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