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Explore Some New Creativity-boosting Upgrades in Maxon One 2024

Maxon One’s new 2024 release updates to all software. Updates in the new 2024 Maxon One release affect all apps, including Cinema 4D 3D modeling and animation, Red Giant look tools, Redshift renderer, and ZBrush sculpting software. Capsules, Maxon’s collection of ready-made assets like mocap clips, models, shaders, materials, and settings, has been developed, and the Cineware integration tool has been updated to work with Unreal Engine.

Let’s deep dive into this iRender’s blog today!

Cinema 4D Modelling and Motion

Volume Modeling (Image Source: Maxon)

Cinema 4D 2024.4 allows 3D VFX artists and motion designers to easily create complicated scenes.

  • Firstly, you can create simple particle simulations with the new Cinema 4D Particles! Integration with C4D’s Unified Simulation systems allows artists to accurately control emission patterns, change behaviors, and arrange interactions with Maxon’s simulation types, which include Pyro, Cloth, soft bodies, and rigid bodies. Render particle scenes with Redshift or cache and export them with Alembic. New Cinema 4D Particle presets are now accessible in the Asset Browser, providing artists with more creative options for starting any project. 
  • Secondly, simulations have been improved with improvements to Cinema 4D’s Connector Object, which now has a fresh look and streamlined workflow. Rigid body simulations now allow artists to link many objects automatically, aerodynamics provide more realistic simulation, and caching simulations are much more flexible thanks to external cache capability.
  • Other enhancements/additions include Property Transfer, which allows you to transfer tag data from a single object to another easily. When dragging assets to a scene, the Asset Browser now automatically activates the Place tool and provides auto-generated dome lighting for HDRI objects.

Red Giant Looks and FX

Red Giant 2024.2 features: Red Giant Geo is a new tool for After Effects that allows users to texture, light up, and clone 3D objects. Trapcode Particular’s rendering performance has significantly improved and there are new custom blur maps for Bokeh, as well as enhancements to the Looks UI.

  • Red Giant Geo supports seven file formats: C4D, OBJ, FBX, GLB, glTF, DAE, and 3DS. Integrated cloner options enable artists to quickly and easily create arrays in box, sphere, and cylindrical shapes. Using the full power of After Effects, you can change textures and materials on any layer or composition.
  • UI changes for Looks increase the user experience and quality of life through color management.


Capsules (Image Source: Maxon)

The Maxon Capsules library contains a wide range of assets to help begin any project. This release includes several amazing new improvements to the recently released Adobe Substance 3D materials library from Maxon in partnership with Adobe.


Updates to Cineware for Unreal make moving materials from Cinema 4D to Unreal easier than ever. Use Direct Link to transfer files without saving them to disk.

Note: Only works with Unreal Engine 5.0 and higher, and requires Cinema 4D 2023.0 or later.


Image Source: UparchVIP

Redshift 3.6.0 introduces non-photorealistic rendering (NPR), more flexible Standard Volumes, AMD graphics compatibility, alpha mask support for Redshift area lights, and other enhancements.

  • Render NPR line and toon looks in Redshift using new non-photoreal render options such as a Contour node, a Toon Material node for cel-shading, and a Tonemap Pattern shader for half-tone shading and other grid-based shading styles.
  • The opacity controls in Redshift’s new Toon material allow artists to render particles additively, with each particle’s light emission built on those below to create a super-bright, wonderful rendering.
  • With OSL support for HIP, Redshift is now officially supported on Windows computers with AMD graphics cards.
  • New Standard Volume Nodes make creating variation and fine detail simple when creating volumes such as Pyro and Clouds. Furthermore, the Standard Volume shader now works with global environment fog.

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References Source: Maxon

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