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Is Blender 4.0 good for making game 3D?

The gaming industry is always an attractive market for 3D artists. People have recently become interested in developing virtual games, as well as creating their own. However, creating an excellent and engaging game takes a lot of skills and time. Then, choosing suitable software will have a significant impact on the game’s development, so you need to consider it carefully. Let’s find out the answer to the question: “Is Blender 4.0 good for making game 3D” in today’s blog with iRender!

Overview of Blender 4.0

Blender 3D is the world’s fastest-growing 3D suite. Because it is free and open-source software, it is great for freelancers and even beginners. It is now supported (sponsored) by some of the world’s biggest companies, including Adobe, Facebook, and Epic Games. Blender 3D is an essential tool for 3D producers all around the world, and it has become known as the leading alternative to expensive applications such as Maya and Max.

Blender has recently launched version 4.0 with many really exciting and promising improvements. In the gaming industry, Blender is used in game development from triple-A titles to indie games. Blender is useful for creating game assets, environments, and title models for game production.

Blender 4.0 (Image Source: Medium)

Uses of Blender in game development

Blender is a very flexible and valuable piece of software. Blender has all of the tools necessary to create models, working environments, and game characters that will attract audiences. This allows artists to bring to life their ideas and create the best games. Blender is used to build the game’s visual world, trees, and houses as realistically as possible, giving players the impression that they are living in that virtual world.

3D Modelling

Blender 4.0 introduces lots of improvements to its modeling features and capabilities. Highlights include the Transform feature, which allows artists to more easily navigate their models while modifying them, as well as improvements to bone handling and UV editing.

Image Source: Medium

Blender focuses on optimizing the modeling process to create a seamless and more cohesive experience. Blender is great for this process since it allows you to produce low poly models while still improving their visual look through finishing techniques. Meshmashine, Hardops, and Boxcutter are also useful add-ons for modeling.


Blender has a powerful unbiased rendering engine that produces beautiful hyper-realistic rendering. Cycles is Blender’s ray-trace production rendering engine. GPU rendering with NVIDIA CUDA and OptiX. Blender differs from other software on the market in that it includes the advanced rendering engine Cycles. Cycles allows users to edit textures and lighting in the viewport for each scene.

Image Source: Blender Guru


This tool allows users to create something truly special and unique, with lots of texture and shading. Sculpture is frequently done with figures rather than things since it is much more complicated. The sculpting feature in Blender allows artists to freely build their own objects with distinct personality features. The sculpting feature has been significantly improved in Blender 4.0. As a result, make sure that enabling this feature does not have an impact on features like ordinary customization or UV. Additionally, hotkeys for sculpting mode will be changed to provide consistency with other Blender features.

Master 3D Sculpting in Blender (Image Source: CG Boost)

Rigging, Animation

Bone collections in Blender 4 allow artists to create many characters while also providing a more realistic feel in modern games.

Besides, in Blender, animation with the addition of many new sliders to the graph editor, allows for smoother blending between poses and faster work with huge numbers of keyframes.

Image Source: Reallusion Magazine

Texture and Shading in making game 3D

Textures and shading will greatly influence the appearance of your final models in the scene. If the texture and shading are not suitable, it leads to an unpleasant look, making the viewer feel uncomfortable. However, Blender has done this well. Artists can customize interior and exterior textures and add-ons to save time while still creating stunning views.

Image Source: West Observer

Is Blender good for making games 3D?

It can be claimed that Blender is an outstanding tool for making game 3D. Blender includes many features and tools for creating various types of content. Blender may create game assets (e.g., objects, characters, and environments) as well as asset aggregation to create game environment). Blender has become extremely popular among designers community and game developers.

Why Blender is so useful for game development?

Blender is definitely a great choice for game creation. Because this software is free, open-source and it is very suitable for beginners. Users have creative freedom. Besides, the Blender community is also very developed, if you encounter any problems during use, you can easily fix them. Additionally, Blender is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac, making it accessible and easy to use for most enthusiasts without the hassle of licensing and cost.

Although it sounds very complicated, Blender is actually a great choice if you want to improve your software skills.And finally, we can conclude that Blender is good for making game 3D.

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Reference source: Blender Official

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