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Learn to use Boolean Modifier in Blender with iRender

The Boolean modifier is a great solution to modeling problems. The modeling process requires skillful skills from the artists. In today’s Blog, iRender will learn how to use the Boolean Modifier in Blender.

What is a Boolean Modifier?

The Boolean modifier allows you to quickly and easily make changes to meshes that might otherwise be too complicated manually. To combine two mesh objects into a single mesh, it performs one of the three accessible Boolean operations:

Image Source: Blender Documents

There are three different kinds of Boolean operators:

  • Difference
  • Union
  • Intersect

Three types of Boolean operators

Image Source: Blender Documents

2.1. Intersect

Both the target mesh and the updated mesh remain everything inside. If the target is a collection, then only the inner of all meshes is retained. When using this type of boolean, the modifier will identify all the geometry that overlaps and keep the overlapped geometry.

Also, you can specify the object that will be used for the boolean in the modifier itself. You can select your cube object or anything else from the list by left-clicking in the empty field and then selecting it as the Boolean.

2.2. Union

 The Union method is the second of the free Boolean methods for the Boolean modifier. While applying the Union method, the geometric foundation of the Boolean model will be added to the structure of the initial model.

2.3. Difference

The final of the free Boolean methods is the difference method, which is probably going to be the most common method that you are likely to use in blender. The target mesh, or group of meshes, is removed from the modified mesh (everything outside of the target mesh or collection is kept). A different operation includes dividing the volume that one thing shares with another object.

How to use Boolean Modifier in Blender?

Choose the object you want to apply a Boolean to in Blender before using the Boolean modifier. Go to the modifiers tab in the properties window after that. Choose the wrench-shaped tab to access the modifications tab because that is its icon.

Image Source: Blender BaseCamp

To access the modifiers menu under the create list, select the Add modifier option. In this menu, you will find the Boolean modifier. Choose it and add that Boolean modifier to your main object.

Image Source: Blender BaseCamp

Why Is Boolean Modifier Not Working?

Sometimes your boolean modifier may not work. So, let’s take a look at a couple of the factors that can occur when the Boolean modifier is used incorrectly.

The most common issue when using the Boolean modifier is the appearance of shading artifacts.  Then, when you choose the smooth shading option for your objects, Blender will smooth over the lighting on each of your model’s separate faces, giving it a more realistic appearance.

Besides, when employing the Boolean modifier, which directly influences the topology of your model, the success of smooth shading, however, depends on the geometry itself. Then the appearance of artifacts is likely in the case where the geometry itself is not proper.


There are many creative ways we can use the Bool modifier in Blender. However, some artists say that this tool can destroy your topology. On the contrary, there are also people who use this tool on a daily basis. This depends on the needs of each specific project. iRender hopes through this article, you can find a way to use this tool that suits your purposes.

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Learn to use Boolean Modifier in Blender with iRender
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