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Make More Realistic Visualizations with Enscape and NVIDIA RTX in iRender

Since its inception, Enscape has been known for its precision and simplicity, delivering offline-rendered image quality at real-time speeds. With version, 2.6.1, released in 2019, Enscape became one of the first rendering engines for architects to support NVIDIA’s revolutionary RTX technology, which set the new standard for real-time rendering.

In this Blog, we’ll look at how Enscape applied ray-tracing techniques in its real-time rendering engine in the past; how NVIDIA RTX technology allows Enscape users to render with even more detail and accuracy than ever before, and what one renowned architectural firm thought when they tried it out.

Now, let’s explore how to make more realistic visualizations with Enscape and NVIDIA RTX in iRender!

1. Laying the groundwork

In contrast to many game engines, Enscape already realized the value of showcasing ray-traced lighting and reflection calculations and have done so in our real-time engine. Everything we see in the real world is a result of light interacting with the objects in our view. Ray-tracing techniques emulate this effect: an algorithm simulates light rays, tracing them from the imaginary eye, or camera, to the light source. As this is fundamentally similar to how light behaves in real life, it can achieve amazingly realistic results.

It was, however, computationally taxing to run so many calculations in real-time. Tracing rays for every frame was resource-intensive and required a great deal of optimization work in other areas. To achieve real-time framerates, it was necessary to partially scale back reflection quality during camera movement and the amount of geometry visible in reflections. But now, from Enscape version 2.6.1 and above, thankfully this is no longer the case.

For Enscape, the advent of NVIDIA RTX technology means users can achieve physically accurate reflections and diffuse indirect lighting for the first time. RTX dramatically enhances the Enscape experience, bringing about even better performance, light transport, and reflection quality.

NVIDIA RTX and Enscape make it possible to ray trace more geometry in a higher resolution, at exactly the same frame rate. RTX’s hardware acceleration significantly speeds up lighting and reflection calculations. The faster Enscape can calculate, the more accurate the reflections and indirect lighting will be. The way you use Enscape does not change; the results you get, however, have the possibility of being more realistic, with no extra effort on your part.

2. Enscape Support for NVIDIA DLSS

With the release of Enscape 3.1 in July 2021, users will be able to enjoy yet further improved performance and quality thanks to the support of NVIDIA DLSS technology (Deep Learning Super Sampling). 

With NVIDIA DLSS enabled, video rendering time decreases, and quality increases. You can enjoy improved real-time performance of walkthroughs and higher frame rates with much lower GPU requirements. This latest technology is available to users with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

With Enscape and NVIDIA DLSS, users can take advantage of the latest generation of high-res VR headsets and enjoy higher-quality virtual reality experiences. Learn more about Enscape’s support for NVIDIA DLSS here: Enscape Leverages NVIDIA DLSS for Improved Performance and Quality.

3. Cloud rendering service for Enscape

iRender provides a high performance and configurable server system for 3D rendering, AI Training, VR & AR, simulation, etc. With our server, you can install any software you need, add your license, and do whatever you like with your project. These tools above are no exception. Most tools for fluids are computationally expensive. Understanding that, we have different config and package compatible with them, from CPU to single GPU, dual and even multi-GPUs.

You can see that our Server 3 configuration completely matches these above requirements for choosing a computer for Enscape. Let’s look at them in more detailed:

  • Operating System of GPU SERVER 3: Once again, we need to confirm that Enscape use GPU card to render. However, a good CPU can speed up Enscape’s loading times. Because of this reason, iRender exclusively provide the Intel Xeon W-2245 with a strong processor base frequency which is 9GHz – 4.7GHz, 8 cores and 16 threads on GPU server 3.  According to Bricsys, the minimum CPU is intel corei5.  Here at GPU server 3 of iRender,the CPU is intel xeon W-2245 which can be compared to intel corei9 9900k

Let’s see rendering tests with Enscape on server RTX 3090 the latest NVIDIA CARD RTX 3090 with 24GB VRAM will help you reduce your render time very much ​at iRender:

Moreover, iRender has many more to offer.

  • Free and convenient transfering tool: iRender offers a powerful and free file transfer tool: Gpuhub Sync. With fast file transfer speed, large data capacity, and completely free. You can transfer all the necessary data into our Gpuhub Sync tool at any time without connecting to the server. The data will be automatically synchronized in the Z drive inside the server, ready for you to use.
  • Flexible price: You can always save from 10% to 40% with our Fixed Rental feature. For those who’s in need of server more than a day, or have extremely large project, we advise to choose daily/ weekly/monthly rental package. The discount is attractive (from 10 to 40% depends on your package), and you don’t have to worry about over-charging if you forget to shutdown the server. In this July, we offer a discounted price for GPU server 3 and other servers, users will take advantage of these to level up their renders.
  • Real human 24/7 support service, helping you to handle the problem quickly, effectively, saving you both time and money.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us via Whatsapp: +(84) 916017116. Register an ACCOUNT today and get FREE COUPON to experience our service. Or contact us via WhatsApp:  +(84) 916017116 for advice and support.  

Thank you & Happy Rendering!


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