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Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users

When you use Blender, you will encounter many difficult situations. Whether you’re a professional animator or a hobbyist, it’s important to be aware of common problems that can arise when working with Blender. In today’s Blog, iRender will explore some problems and solutions for Blender users. With the right knowledge and a little practice, anyone can master the art of animation and create stunning visual effects with Blender.

1. Objects don't appear when rendering in Blender

Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users 1

An example about missing and hidden objects in Blender for Blender Users(Image Source: Blender Stack Exchange)

Occasionally when rendering, you’ll see items that are clearly visible in the 3D view but don’t appear in the render. There are a few reasons that this may happen:

  • Camera clipping: In order to fix this problem, you need to move the item that is too far away or increase the end clipping distance for your camera object (Camera Properties→Lens→Clipping).
  • Restricted rendering: You go to the Outliner, find your object, and re-enable renderability on it by left-clicking the rightmost icon next to it (the icon looks like a camera).
  • Non-rendered layers: To fix this issue, please double-check the scene layers you’ve set to your render layers by going to Render Layers Properties. You should be able to make sure the layers an object is on are enabled if you know which layers it is on.

2. No GPU rendering for cycles

Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users 2Image Source: Cycles

One of the main benefits of using Cycles as a renderer is its capacity to utilize the GPU of your video card to accelerate calculations (and, by extension, the overall rendering process). Regrettably, you might not be able to benefit from this speed gain depending on the configuration of your computer hardware.

The first thing to check is whether you’re currently using GPU computing at all.The next thing you need do is look at the System section of User Preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U). At the bottom of the leftmost column is a little section labeled Compute Device. The first set of radio buttons beneath that should give you the options of None, CUDA, or OpenCL.

You should select CUDA because it is the only one where Cycles’ GPU computing functions consistently at the moment. NVIDIA created CUDA, a GPU computing technology, to work with their graphics cards. After selecting CUDA, you ought to be able to select your particular video card from the drop-down menu that appears beneath those radio buttons.

3. A black stripe appears on models

Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users 3

Image Source: Blender Artist

During modeling, it’s common to encounter situations where some edges have an odd black wrinkle. When modeling with the Subdivision Surface modifier enabled and viewing your mesh in Solid viewport shading, the stripe is typically the most noticeable. The normals for one of the faces next to this edge are pointing in the wrong direction, which is what is going on in this case.

Solutions: The easiest solution for this issue is typically to have Blender recalculate the model’s normals and make an effort to have them all face outside. To do so, go into Edit mode, select all, and press Ctrl+N. Typically, pressing Ctrl+N alleviates all issues.

4. Motion Blur

Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users 4Motion Blur in Blender ( Image Source: Blender Document)

It is frequently used in animations to give more realism or dramatic effect to their videos, particularly in moments with a lot of rapid movement. In many cases, if the motion blur is too strong, an animation can look too blurry.

Motion blur settings can be found in the “Render Properties” tab denoted by a camera icon in the properties outliner. 

The lower the shutter value, the less motion blur will be visible in your animation. Similar to this, altering “Max Blur” also influences the scene’s motion blur’s radius.

5. Light Paths

Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users 5Light Paths (Image Source: Blender Nation)

For rendering animations with many hundreds of frames, it is preferable to greatly minimize the render times of the images in Cycles by minimizing the light paths. A low light path count, however, can also result in more hazy animations.

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Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users 6

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Some Problems and Solutions for Blender Users
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