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Axiom: Sparse GPU Fluid Solver for Houdini

There is a growing list of tools for you to work quickly and efficiently inside Houdini. Axiom Solver is one of those plugins that completely blow us away. This solver enables artists to preview and render simulations inside Houdini faster than the built-in pyro solver. It is powerful, fast, and fun. Let’s discover with iRender.

What is Axiom Solver?

Axiom is a sparse GPU accelerated volumetric fluid solver for computer graphics and visual effects. It can be used to simulate a wide variety of effects such as fire, smoke, pyrotechnics, and more. What sets Axiom apart is the ability to run true sparse simulations fully on a GPU to leverage its computational power.

Besides, Axiom uses industry-standard technologies such as OpenVDB and OpenCL to maximize compatibility.

System requirements

The solver is supported inside Houdini 17.5, 18.0, 18.5, 19.0 on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Also, it is recommended to have a system that meets these specifications:

  • Houdini: Apprentice, Indie, Core, or FX (production build).
  • At least 16GB of RAM.
  • Modern multi-core CPU.
  • GPU: At least 8GB of VRAM.


After downloading the solver, unzip the files and move the .json and Axiom folder into your Houdini preferences packages folder. If the packages folder does not exist please create it.

You can find the preferences directory on your system at these paths. Note on macOS you need to use the “Go to Folder” feature of finder to locate this directory.

  • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\houdini##\
  • macOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/houdini/##/
  • Linux: /home/USERNAME/houdini##/

Now you can relaunch Houdini and find Axiom in the SOP context.

How to use?

Let’s see how to use the Axiom Solver in these tutorial videos. They will give you an overview of the plugin by showing you how to create a smoke stack or dissolving letters in Houdini.

Can you use Axiom Solver on iRender Cloud Rendering?

Yes, you can. iRender supports Houdini in any version, with any renderers and plugins. Axiom Solver is definitely included. How can we do that? That’s because we provide high computing performance on the model of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), you – our users will take full control of the whole render process, just like your personal computer.

With Powerful Render Nodes: 1/2/4/6/8x RTX 3090 for both Single-GPU and Multi-GPU Rendering, you can easily choose one suitable package for your project demands to speed up the rendering process many times.

High-end configuration: NVIDIA RTX 3090 and AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX @ 3.90GHz, and with reasonable price. However, we are more than that. With a variety of useful features (Fixed Rental, Clone, NV Link, APIs, Process monitoring, etc) and dedicated support from our team, we want to bring to you not only the best quality products but also the most comfortable render time and experience.

So, hesitate no more, let’s REGISTER for an account today to get a FREE COUPON to experience our service and reach a new level of cloud rendering. 20% BONUS for all new users, CHECK IT OUT!

Thank you & Happy Rendering!

Source and image: theoryaccelerated.com

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