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Enhance luxury looking interior with Fur material in Lumion

Fur material was first introduced in Lumion 9 Pro. It’s a very familiar material that will bring charm and softness to your interior. You can apply it to a blanket, a rug, bedsheet or even a stuffed animal to make the renderings feel much more cozy and luxurious. In this article, we are going to explore all about enhancing the luxury-looking interior with Fur material in Lumion.

Why use Fur in Interior design?

Fur is always a perfect choice for autumn and winter clothing. However, they slowly moved into home décor and as well! With smart and artistic eyes of architecture, fur material can transforms any home interior into a cosy, soft, chic and warm one! And it’s not limited to just one style. Whether you go for modern furniture or you adore the classics, fur decor pieces will just do the job perfectly.

You can use them as sofa covers, cushions, blankets, rugs, or even carpets! They can make an office chair way more comfortable or could be easily integrated in the decor to make a very elegant table cover. Fur can come in many colors, however, the lighter colour or creamy one will look more natural than white one, and not outdated like darker shades.

Furry materials in Lumion

The furry materials in Lumion 9 Pro utilize the groundbreaking technology that gives the material its soft to touch and fluffy appearance. It’s optimal for interiors.

This material is located under Nature tab of the Material library. You can take advantage of 10 different types of preset fur materials like:

        • Black and white fur
        • Black velvet fur
        • Brown and grey fur
        • Green fur
        • Rainbow fur
        • Warm white fur
        • And several others…

The fur materials are entirely customizable. You can adjust by double-clicking on it and see a set of option. Colorization to change the colour of fur, Gravity force to see how much fur lay down and don’t, Bending force to see the curliness of the individual strands of fabric, etc. There’s are other options like Fur size, Fur length, Roughness, Map Scale, Velvet Scale to adjust the most suitable version of Fur for your interiors.

Below are a few different furs with varying material settings:

        • Brown fur (medium length)
        • Dark grey fur (short fur length and size)
        • Rainbow fur (high velvet scale)
        • Warm white fur (high gravity force and map scale)

Whether for bedrooms, living rooms, chairs, blankets, rugs and so on, the furry materials, when using appropriately, are ideal for any space. Just some simple click and adjusment, you can make your rendering look more comfortable and feel softer.

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Source: lumion.com

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