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Enscape 3.3 Takes Real-Time Architectural Visualization to the Next Level

Enscape, one of architecture’s most popular real-time Architectural Visualization, 3D rendering, and virtual reality applications, just got better. Its latest version, version 3.3, brings numerous improvements to existing features as well as a host of new functions, each designed to make real-time rendering more intuitive to use at every stage of the design process.

Enscape brings the fields of design and visualization together, creating a unified experience that allows designers to dynamically collaborate on their projects and communicate their ideas to customers in an easy-to-understand way.

So, what can users expect from the new and improved Enscape application? Here are some key new features to look out for:

Site context

The project’s existing surroundings can now be imported directly into the render, using data from the OpenStreetMap global geodatabase. Users can enter a specific address or coordinates to locate and instantly enter their surroundings, or select and enter key landmarks, streets, or terrain.

Alpha channel export

With the Alpha Channel Export feature, you can now render images with transparent backgrounds. This means your project can now be quickly and easily combined with any sky, cloud, and horizon style in post-production, giving Enscape a layer of flexibility. new for rendering still images.

Education Assets and Materials

Enscape’s library of popular 3D content has been completely expanded to include an extensive collection of educational content, including classroom furniture, toys, musical instruments, playground equipment, soundboards, etc. The Enscape material library, introduced in Enscape 3.1, has also been expanded with materials such as new backgrounds and different types of rugs.

While they will be categorized under Education and are perfectly suited for kindergarten, school, and college projects, these assets and materials are also useful for many other types, including projects companies, hotels and residential areas.

In addition to these outstanding new features, many other enhancements were introduced to Enscape 3.3, each with the goal of improving ease of use and improving the end product for users.

Additional Features

In terms of rendering capabilities, visualizations including glass and water are now more accurate thanks to improved graphics capabilities; Transparent materials now appear as reflective, providing a more realistic appearance. A graphics card that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing, such as NVIDIA RTX series and AMD RX6xxx series, is required. Additionally, a new “Material Overwrite” function allows users to replace Enscape document files in the Enscape Material Editor without manually importing and exporting them.

In terms of user experience, it is now possible to ‘pin’ the Enscape render window and associated menus to the top of your modeling window, allowing easy access to see real-time changes right away even when you’re not using two monitors. New upload migration capabilities have also been introduced, allowing users to efficiently manage uploads, such as standalone web and uploaded panoramas, online.

Finally, Enscape 3.3 works seamlessly with the latest version of SketchUp, providing key compatibility with one of the industry’s most used 3D modeling applications. 

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