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How does D5 Render perform on RTX4090?

D5 Render is a real-time renderer based on real-time ray tracing technology, often used in interior or exterior rendering. First released in January 2020 by Chinese developers Dimension 5, it is introduced to combine both ray tracing and rasterization to get real-time interactivity and photo-realistic images simultaneously.

With the fast development of hardware, especially in GPU technology, RTX4090 came out at the end of 2022 and since then has received many tests for other real-time render engines like Lumion, Twinmotion, Unreal Engine. Their results are impressive, promising a big leap in performance compared to other RTX3000 series. Today, in this article, we will compare RTX4090 to RTX3090, and let’s see how does D5 Render perform on RTX4090?

RTX4090 versus RTX3090

Now we will compare the specifications of RTX 4090 and RTX 3090. Let’s see how the newer graphics card is better in every aspect.

The GPU clock speed could show you how fast the cores of a graphics processing unit (GPU) are. The function of these cores is to render graphics; therefore, the higher the GPU clock speed, the faster the processing. We can see that while RTX 3090 is just 1395MHz, RTX 4090 is 835MHz higher.

The GPU memory speed, one that determines the memory bandwidth, also shows a great leap, from 1219MHz to 1325MHz. That’s why the memory bandwidth of RTX 4090 is 82GB/s higher than that of RTX 3090.

The floating-point performance helps you determine the raw power of the GPU. And here, you can see a great improvement where RTX 4090 is 2.3 times higher than RTX 3090.

And more of the improvements you can find on the internet if you research. That explains the RTX4090’s impressive performance of the tests and benchmark below.

D5 Benchmark between RTX4090 and RTXX3090

D5 Render team have done some tests, and they used D5 Render Benchmark Tool.

Specification used in this test:

        • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 24 GB
        • CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900KF

RTX4090 and RTX3090 will perform on the same scene of D5 Render, with 605 million faces, 12 light sources and 299 maps.

They have compared on three tests, which are Video & Image, 1080p video (5s) and 2k image. Let’s see the table below:

RTX4090 RTX3090
Video & Image (FPS 60) 1min45s 3min09s
1080p video (5s) (FPS 60) 1min26s 2min38s
2k image (FPS 60) 19 secs 31 secs

You can find more results here. And if you check, we have taken the fastest result of RTX4090 compared to fastest result of RTX3090 (same CPU). If you consider some more criteria like same RAM or latest driver, the render time of RTX3090 could be longer.

Testing on 3 different scenes

In this video, D5 team have tested 3 more scenes and have a thorough and straight to the point comparison for all users. Version used is D5 Render 2.3.

In this CG gaming scene, with more than 418 million faces, 369 models and 13 light sources, while RTX3090 offers only an average FPS of 22, RTX4090 could double the number at 57 FPS.

In this Interior pub scene, with more than 13 million faces, 11 models and 6 light sources, while RTX3090 is only 40 FPS, RTX4090 now can reach the maximum FPS in D5, which is 60 FPS. This is a whopping leap in performance, and maybe it’s not yet the correct number which reflects the performance of RTX4090.

Finally we come to the aerial view architecture scene, with more than 498 million faces, 277 models and 40 light sources. This is a large architecture project, and RTX4090 outperforms RTX3090. While RTX3090 offers an average of 19 FPS, RTX4090 could easily nearly double that with 34 FPS. Two cards don’t have any lagging here.

D5 team also did some tests on still frames and animation in 2k and 4k resolution of aerial view, and the results can be seen below. RTX4090 usually is 1.8-2x faster than RTX3090.

If you use RTX4090 with built-in path/scatter/brush tools for car/people/vegetation assets, it’s still smooth and expected to have high frame rate but low rendering time.

iRender - the most powerful cloud rendering for D5 Render

There’s no doubt that RTX4090 is faster than RTX3090, both in real-time FPS and rendering speed. It can handle the highest FPS in D5 with smooth rendering experience, and offer speed from 1.7 to 2x faster than RTX3090. This is definitely the high-end graphics card for D5 Render users.

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You will only need to install your software for the first time, and next time you connect to the computer everything is ready for use.

Our famous single RTX4090 package is one of the most powerful and reasonable package for D5 Render.

We are not only providing you the most powerful graphics card, but also the same level of hardware, such as AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor, 256 GB RAM, 2 TB of storage (NVMe SSD). A powerful processor is for low loading time, snappy viewport, 256GB of RAM is for huge projects, and 2TB of storage is for storing your renders.

Not only those powerful configurations, iRender also provides you with more services. From a useful and free transferring tool named iRender drive/GPUhub sync to 24/7 support service via livechat with real humans who will support you whenever you encounter an issue. Our price is flexible with hourly rental which has a pay-as-you-go basis, daily/ weekly/ monthly subscription with discount from 10-20%.

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Happy rendering!

Source: versus.com, d5render.com

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