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How to install Megascans Plugin for Cinema 4D

Megascans is a vast online scan library with desktop apps for organizing, combining, and exporting your downloaded scan data. It offers high-resolution, consistent PBR-calibrated surface, vegetation, and 3D images. It is the result of five years of scanning and a partnership with the biggest video game and movie studios in the world.

Today, iRender will guide you through 2 methods to install Megascans Plugin for Cinema 4D.

1. Installation during initial setup

Step 1: After installing Bridge for the first time on your machine, you launch it and will see initial setup options. To select the disk folder where you want your asset library to be, click the Library Path button.

Since Bridge will store your files and plugins here, the Library Path is crucial. Bridge will make a folder for you if you don’t already have one for this purpose.

Step 2: Click Next   

Step 3: Choose Cinema 4D from the Export Target drop-down

Step 4: To start downloading the plugin, click Download Plugin.

When the download is complete, Bridge will display a confirmation message.

Step 5: To install the plugin in Cinema 4D, click Install Plugin.

Step 6: You should notice the Installed status on the pop-up once the plugin has been installed. To complete the setup, click Done.

As soon as you launch Cinema 4D, the Extensions menu should now have a Megascans Plugin option.

2. Installation through Export Settings

Step 1: Click the gear icon on the bottom left corner of the asset’s right panel or go to Edit > Export Settings to access the settings

Step 2: To view all of the export options, select Export Settings from the pop-up menu. You may change your mesh format (FBX or OBJ), LODs, texture format, and other parameters. 

Step 3: To export a downloaded object in Bridge, navigate to the Local filter on the left panel. Ensure that Cinema 4D is active.

Step 4: Click the Quick Export icon or hit the Export button

Your asset will appear in your Cinema 4D scene as soon as you click on the Export button in Bridge.

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