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iRender’s new beast 2x RTX4090s for Octane studio

OctaneRender® is the world’s first and fastest unbiased, spectrally correct GPU render engine, delivering quality and speed unrivaled by any production renderer on the market.

Otoy offers Enterprise and Studio subscriptions, with Enterprise removing the GPU limit entirely. However, this article will only talk about Octane Studio, which supports up to two local GPUs and includes all of the other OctaneRender integration plugins.

OctaneRender requires a list of configurations that help it load scenes, render and run smoothly. We will look at some of the best recommendations and compare them to our new server 4S (2x RTX4090s for Octane Studio), to see if it’s a tailored package for your project in Octane studio or not.

Hardware recommendation for Octane

Processor (CPU)

OctaneRender is a GPU-based engines, so the CPU does not really help in term of rendering process. However, OTOY mentions in their FAQ that “a fast multi-core CPU will significantly improve the scene loading speed.”

Puget System also did a test, and realize that clock speed has the biggest impact on CPU performance with Octane. They recommend those two CPUs:

        • Intel Core i7 10700K 3.8GHz (5.1GHz Turbo) 8 Core –This is one of the highest clock speed CPUs available, and does extremely well with both OctaneRender and modeling / animation applications.
        • Intel Xeon W-2235 3.8GHz (4.6GHz Turbo) 6 Core –Intel’s Xeon W series processors maintain very high clock speeds and have far more PCI-Express lanes than the consumer-oriented Core series.

Video Card (GPU)

This is the most important factor for performance in OctaneRender. Normally, the render capabilities will be affected by two aspects: the raw speed of the GPU itself and the amount of memory on the card. With large and complex scenes, you will need a good card with decent amount of video memory.

Memory (RAM)

OTOY requires a minimum of 8GB RAM, and recommend 16GB or more. Of course you will need more than that to run multiple software alongside OctaneRender.

Storage (Hard Drives)

The high speed of SSDs allows your system to boot, launch applications, and load files many times faster than any traditional hard drive.

iRender’s new beast 2x RTX4090s for Octane studio

iRender provide to you high performance and configurable server system for 3D rendering, AI Training, VR & AR, simulation, etc. We believe that design and creative activities are private and personal that only you artists will know what you want with your animation. That’s the reason why we provide remote server so that you can install any software you need, and do whatever you like with your project.

You will only need to install your software for the first time, and next time you connect to the computer everything is ready for use.

Our latest beast Dual RTX 4090s package will help you to experience the latest technology from NVIDIA. Plus, it is one of the most powerful and reasonable package for Octane Studio.

You can see that our configuration above are all more than enough to have a project in Octane run smoothly. Processor is AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX @ 3.90GHz. RAM is 256GB and Storage is NVMe SSD with 2TB. With those hardware, you can be assured that your scene will load faster, more stable when running with multiple software.

Come to the most important factor Video card (GPU). Let’s see how RTX 4090 performs compared to other graphics cards.

It’s clearly that RTX 4090 outperforms other graphics cards. Its OctaneBench Score for one RTX4090 is 1272, doubles the score of one RTX3090. When you stack two RTX4090s into a workstation, it could be somewhere near the power of eight RTX 2080 Ti. That’s very impressive.

And because Octane studio can only utilize 2 GPUs maximum, it’s obvious that you should use dual RTX 4090s rather than 8 x RTX 2080 Ti. Moreover, even if you change to Octane Enterprise, RTX 4090 is a better choice because of its VRAM. RTX 2080 Ti has 11GB VRAM, while RTX 4090 has 24GB. Even if you use NVLink with RTX 2080 Ti, you cannot achieve 24GB VRAM. When it comes to large and heavy scene, you will appreciate 24GB VRAM of RTX4090.

Plus, at iRender, we provide you more support than just those hardware.

Free and convenient transferring tool

iRender offers a powerful and free file transfer tool: iRender drive/Gpuhub Sync. With fast file transfer speed, large data capacity, and completely free. You can transfer all the necessary data into our iRender drive/Gpuhub Sync tool at any time without connecting to the server. The data will be automatically synchronized in the Z drive inside the server, ready for you to use.

Flexible price

You can always choose to use our hourly rental basis with the price of $15/hour/node or save from 8% to 20% with our Fixed Rental feature. We have fixed rental package from 6 hours to monthly, with 8% discount for 6 hours rental, 10% discount for daily rental and 20% discount for weekly/monthly rental. Using fixed rental feature, you don’t have to worry about over-charging if you forget to shutdown the server.

Real human 24/7 support service

Helping you to handle the problem quickly, effectively, saving you both time and money. Just contact us on the website chatbox, and our support agents will immediately help you troubleshoot.

Render farm supports Dual GPUs

When you use iRender, you can free your computer during the hardest and most arduous part – rendering. That is also the reason that Render Farm service is becoming more and more popular and essential. However, as far as we know, iRender is proud to be one of the very few rendering service that support dual GPUs for Octane studio. We do not only have 2x RTX4090s, but also 2x RTX3090s and you can easily switch between them without having to re-install your data.

Let’s see the benchmark of 2 x RTX4090s configuration for Octane below.

With the above advantages and the machine configuration package that iRender has just released, we believe that Octane studio users will have the most comfortable, quickest, and most effective rendering time.

Register an account today to experience our service. Or contact us via WhatsApp: (+84) 916806116 for advice and support.


Thank you & Happy Rendering!


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