December 21, 2021 Yen Lily

Python 3.10 ships new awesome features

Today, Python is one of the most popular programming languages for many reasons. It is very versatile, easy to learn and always has improvements.

On October 4, 2021, the Python Software Foundation (PSF) released Python 3.10. In this new version, the PSF added unique and valuable features, while also removing some old features. Let’s find out some newest features and add-ons in this version.

1. Better Error Tracking

If you use Python every day to write code and teach coding, it’s very frustrating to get a syntax error. Although syntax errors are easy to fix once you have a grasp on Python and programming, sometimes we need error messages that help us locate the error more efficiently and save time on debugging.

In Python 3.10, this is all much easier with better error messages and precise line numbers for debugging. Let’s take a look at the example here, where we have a dictionary and a function. However, in this code, we forgot to close the dictionary.

some_dict = {1: "jack", 2: "john", 3: "james" ,
a_results = a_useful_function()

In previous versions of Python, the error message for this would look like this:

File "", line 3
   a_results = a_useful_function()


SyntaxError: invalid syntax

With the new error messages and line numbering improvement, the error message will have more complete information, like the exact type of error and its precise line number.

File "", line 1
   expected = {1: "jack", 2: "john", 3: "james" ,


SyntaxError: '{' was never closed

This new feature will make debugging much faster and decrease frustration for people just starting to learn Python.

2. Structural Pattern Matching

Old version of Python needs you to go through the long if, elif, elif,…., else statement, and sometimes you just wish it had the switch statement like other programming languages like C++. Don’t worry, in this new version, they add structural pattern matching otherwise known as the switch, case statement which has the following syntax:

match subject:
   case <patt1>:
   case <patt2>:
   case <patt3>:
   case _:

3. New Type Union Operator

Although Python is a dynamic programming language, there are ways to make some portions of it static (e.g. You’re writing a function and the attribute type is significant for the commutations inside your function). In previous versions, you could specify the type of an attribute such as:

def func(num: int) -> int:
return num + 5

But, if you wanted to accept two types, then you would need to use the union keyword.

def func(num: Union[int, float]) -> Union[int, float]:
   return num + 5

In the new version of Python, you can choose between two types, using the | operator instead of union for a more straightforward type decision.

def func(num: int | float) -> int | float:
   return num + 5

4. Stricter Zipping

Python has a function called zip(), a built-in function that allows you to combine and iterate over elements from several sequences. In old versions, you could’ve used zip with sequences of different lengths but Python 3.10 introduced a new parameter, strict was, to check if all iterables passed to the zip function are of the same length.

5. Automatic Text Encoding

When a programmer is troubleshooting errors, we often hear “it works on my machine!”, but it’s not the case of other machine. There are many reasons, like text encoding, why a code will work on one machine but not the other.

In previous versions of Python, if you don’t explicitly state an encoding type, the preferred local encoding may cause the code to fail on other machines. In Python 3.10, a warning activates to inform the user when (or if) they open a text file without a specific encoding type.

6. Asynchronous Iteration

Asynchronous programming is a powerful and advanced programming paradigm that’s been a part of Python since version 3.5. In Python 3.10, there are two new asynchronous built-in functions, aiter() and anext(), to make your code even more readable.

With every new release of Python, the PSF adds incredible new features that make the language more efficient to write in and more accessible to learn. If you want to read more about other changes in Python 3.10.

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