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Will AI occupy 3D arts?

Development of text to image software or programs like MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E is making a huge impact on the field of digital arts. Many people complain about it plagiarizing the art sources on the internet, many are afraid of a future there’s no human creativity but only AI reproducing. The fear of AI occupy 3D arts is there, we can feel it. But will it be able to do that? Let’s find out in this article.

The context of AI emergence in 3D arts

AI is now emerging in the design and 3D arts in a way it’s never before. It has great influence and impact that some people even think about being left out because of AI. You can come to any forum or group of digital, 3D arts and encounter many complain about AI images or works. Before, they said that AI images is not good enough with many wrong lighting, shadowing, weird hands or fingers, etc. Now, when AI has fixed those wrong features, digital or 3D artists start to concern about their future. Many companies or even their peers start to use AI to generate ideas faster. Even if those AI works are not good enough, they are still okay for the project, and get approved. That’s when people start to feel nervous.

After facing many opposition and refusal of digital artists about their images being used to ‘feed’ AI, it seems to slow down a little bit, but continue to refine itself. As a result, some people kind of accept it as a new tool for designing, or conceptualizing. Of course, using AI to generate an image and sell it is somewhat not acceptable in a large scale, but using it to generate layout and color schemes is becoming normal.

Will AI occupy 3D arts?

The answer is no. Let’s explain it.

What AI can do is to learn and generate images from “old” images available on the internet. So to say in it a way, AI recycles the old ideas and make it a new thing. It can only learn and know the old sources.

What human can do is similar to AI can do, moreover, human can create something new, predicts something based on their senses. That’s what AI cannot learn.

If you think AI is a kid who can learn and replace human in a far future, it’s wrong. AI actually is purely statistic, number, mathematical formula and cases (failure and success). What you see on the internet is successful results from many failure. What makes AI, let’s say text-to-image programs, have this huge progress, is billion and billion of images or training data. It takes times to train massive amount of data over and over, so that AI can learn the ‘old’ things.

The hurdles that AI will face in polishing itself are the amount data and senses.

Regarding the amount of data, one can argue that internet has many data, resource and AI can easily learn from them. It’s true, but not in every cases. You can see that the amount of still images are abundant and text-to-image programs can learn from them, making graphic designers question about their future. However, what about niche and more technical field like VFX and simulation? Are there enough or abundant data about pyro simulations of Houdini? Or Phoenix FD, FumeFX, X-particles, Bifrost, Realflow, etc.? I believe there’s not much data about them to train an AI program to create effects like that.

Regarding the senses, it’s harder to explain. Human and AI are different because human have senses. We can feel what is appropriate, what is not, what is right, what is wrong. Take some examples to better explain it.

When we see an images which is related to taboo content (violence, porno, etc.), we know it immediately. Is AI able to detect it? Yes it can, but depending on how it’s trained to be able to detect that. You cannot just put in massive amount of data and expect AI to naturally ‘know’ what is taboo content. You need human to see many content like that, and categorize each one of them, so that you have enough resource about taboo content and train AI about that. Who is willing to see offensive content? Not many. And if you can hire them, it’s still a very traumatizing job which will have a high rate of resignation.

One more thing about designing, it’s client-driven field. It needs human touch to interpret and understand what a unique client requires. You need to work closely with a client and be able to respond to their preferences.

However, there’s one more important aspect about any works which is closely related to client that I think people seem to forget: we need to instruct and recommend a suitable plan to client, and sometimes it’s not based on their ideas. When you are a digital or 3D artist, you are an expert in a way and you can come up with appropriate ideas, based on your experience or study. AI follows what people put in but human will know and understand if that idea is possible to conduct in real life or not. This case could happen a lot in 3D ArchViz.

How should we use AI?

To be honest, I’m not a 3D or digital  artist, but I have always appreciated arts. I have followed and witnessed many AI-generated arts which are boring and only human or object focus, no landscape, no style, etc. However I have to admit that it could be a threat to anyone whose job is doing a same thing over and over. They are easy to replace. But innovators will always have a place, and should not be worry.

As what I have discussed in the first part of the article, AI is considered as a tool for conceptualizing by many people now. And I think that it will continue to grow and develop following this path.

Knowing that trend and approach, iRender has released an AI tools on our iRender GPU app. You can try it for free with limitations. Right now we only support this AI tools using Stable Diffusion.

If you want to use Stable Diffusion, or any other text-to-image software, or train AI, iRender is the best choice. We provide to you high performance and configurable server system for 3D rendering, AI Training, VR & AR, simulation, etc. We believe that design and creative activities are private and personal that only you artists will know what you want with your animation. That’s the reason why we provide a remote server so that you can install any software you need, and do whatever you like with your project.

You will only need to install your software or data for the first time, and next time you connect to the computer everything is ready for use.

Because there’s no statement about Stable Diffusion or any text-to-image software running faster on multiple GPU systems, iRender suggests you select server 3S, which is single RTX4090.

The server specifications are CPU AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3955WX, clock speed at 3.9GHz. RAM is 256GBhard disk space is 2TB, they can meet almost any requirements of high-resolution art.

Regarding GPU, iRender offers you the RTX4090, the new kind of consumer graphics card right now. VRAM 24GB, raw power could be 2x stronger than RTX3090, it’s the most powerful card right now.

Plus, at iRender, we provide you more support than just those config.

Free and convenient transferring tool

iRender offers a powerful and free file transfer tool: iRender drive for macOS or Linux user. With fast file transfer speed, large data capacity, and completely free. You can transfer all the necessary data into our iRender drive tool at any time without connecting to the server. The data will be automatically synchronized in the Z drive inside the server, ready for you to use.

For Windows users, we recommend using our all-in-one application iRender GPU to work, and you don’t need to come to our website but still can transfer your data, recharge your account and access the machine through the app.

Flexible price

The price of server 3S is $8.2 per hour. However, the server is available for fixed rental when you boot (price at $23.124 for 3 hours rental, about 6% off compared to hourly basis). And you can even find a more attractive option for your big project when you rent it on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, with a discount from 10-20%.

Real human 24/7 support service

Don’t hesitate to contact our human support via livechat on the website when you encounter any issues. We are available 24/7, helping you to handle the problem quickly, effectively, saving you both time and money.

Unique cloud rendering service

When you use iRender cloud rendering service, you are free to install any software or data or tools you need for your project. Our platform is unique, which serves as your second computer from a far. You can rent one remote server, or more than that and still can run them simultaneously to speed up your render time.

With the above advantages and the machine configuration package that iRender has just released, we believe that users will have the most comfortable, quickest, and most effective rendering time.

Register an account today to experience our service and 100% bonus for first deposit of new users. Or contact us via WhatsApp: (+84) 916806116 for advice and support.


Thank you & Happy Rendering!

Source:, Houdini Artists Facebook group

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