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8 types of Redshift light

Lighting is, without a doubt, an essential component of any computer graphics. Impression of the real world, in fact, depends on how light reflects back from objects within our light of sight. This article is for Redshift’s lovers by introducing 8 types of Redshift light in this renderer.

1. Point

This is a point light which resembles a ‘bare bulb’ light which generates light in all ways from an infinitesimally small point in space.

2. Spot

A spot light is a light which is given out in a cone-shape.

3. Infinite

The infinite simulates a light source which is infinitely far away from the scene. An infinite light has no position, only a direction. As a result,  all light rays produced are equidistant and have no decay.

4. Area

This type of light has an actual physical size and shape.

5. Dome

Dome resembles light given out from a large sphere that always surrounds the entire scene. In another word, you can imagine it is like a sky that brightens your objects and that can also be mapped with an image, for instance. 

Besides, the Redshift domelight is an infinite, texture-mapped area light. Because a single dome light can reproduce the lighting of several distant lights, we can add it to the HDR image to create a real-world environment. Therefore, the dome light is an important tool to match the lighting of cg elements with live-action elements.

6. Photometric IES

As we know, IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. With this type of light, we can  load an IES Profile files to control the amount and direction of emitted light.

Let’s take a look at some examples of different IES light profiles, be aware that the drastically different light distribution patterns.

7. Portal

Portal is a type of light source which is often used in window frames for interior renderings to optimize the rendering of indirect light coming through the windows.

8. Physical Sun

Physical sun is specially designed to mimic sunlight, including a color change depending on the angle of incidence of this light source. We usually use it in conjunction with the Physical Sky environment shader.

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