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Arnold GPU Vs Redshift: What Should You Choose?

Nowadays, GPU rendering is more and more popular because of its amazing speed and quality. When compared to CPU rendering, it saves 3D artists numerous times. Globally, two of the most widely used rendering engines are Redshift and Arnold. What makes each of them different, and which render engine is the best option? Today’s post from iRender will provide you with a clear understanding to aid in decision-making. As the title suggests, we will focus on Arnold GPU vs Redshift.

Understanding Of Arnold GPU And Redshift

Redshift is a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer, built to meet the demands of contemporary high-end production rendering. Redshift has established itself as one of the most potent and well-known GPU-accelerated render solutions in the graphics industry today. In addition to being one of the fastest renderers in the world, it also provides a wide range of the most flexible features available in GPU renderers, supporting creative studios and 3D experts.

Besides, Redshift is a biased GPU renderer that lets users fine-tune specific technique quality to achieve the optimal performance ratio for their work. Arnold is a render engine for Monte Carlo ray tracing designed to meet the requirements of visual effects and feature-length animation. With complete creative freedom, Arnold is a potent rendering engine of the highest caliber for professionals. This render engine, which dates back to Arnold 6 supports both CPU and GPU rendering. The Arnold GPU is designed to maximize the benefits of NVIDIA RTX Technology, and it is built on the OptiX architecture.

The Differences of Arnold GPU and Redshift


You will feel and be fully aware of Redshift’s and Arnold’s speed if you are working on both of them. Even though Arnold’s speed has increased dramatically since its release, it still moves more slowly than Redshift. especially when you are using Redshift to work on a scene and are adding materials and lights. Therefore, Redshift is the winner in this row.

User Interface

Both of them have different User Interfaces so they bring different experiences to users. Nearly all 3D artists agree that Redshift’s interface is more complicated to use than Arnold’s. Because Arnold is an impartial render engine, the process isn’t too complicated. The render settings of Arnold are simple and very easy to understand and master. It has a very messy user interface and is difficult to use. 

GPU Rendering Performance

Redshift and Arnold GPU use GPU technology to speed up the rendering process. As a result, Redshift and Arnold’s GPU performance will be greatly influenced by the GPU. We can see the GPU rendering speeds of Redshift in this section. You can see the rendering tests that are done by Techgage – a great technology news site for IT professionals and PC enthusiasts.

Real- Time Rendering

Redshift Real Time (RT) is the fastest interactive rendering engine available in Redshift, offering near real-time updates. Redshift RT is a great choice for scene layout, lighting design, and look development because of its speed and interactivity. Redshift RT is also engineered to be as similar to Redshift’s Production rendering engine as possible, which makes it perfect for swiftly alternating between the two to maximize the benefits of each engine. 

Arnold introduced the possibility of using GPU rendering. The software has an interactive preview area (IPR) that displays how your produced scene appears in real time. As you change the scene, the IPR updates the preview almost immediately.

All in all, Redshift vs Arnold GPU: which render engine is better? Redshift is a render engine option if you’re looking for strong performance, adjustable pricing, and more features. Arnold GPU is an excellent option if you’re looking for render engines that can both leverage CPU rendering and deliver actual results.

iRender- The Best Cloud Render Service for Arnold GPU & Redshift

iRender is a perfect option to render projects in PC optimization for rendering tasks, CGI, and VFX with over 30.000 customers and is highly appreciated in global rankings. To bring the best experiences for customers, iRender has been improving the quality and updating the newest technology every day. We provide high-configuration dedicated servers (physical computers/machines) specifically optimized for GPU rendering.

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You can render Redshift and Arnold on multi cards RTX 4090. Let’s see how our RTX4090 performs when rendering with Redshift:

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