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Eyecad VR – A New Option For Rendering

Besides popular 3D softwares and rendering softwares, we have more and more options with the appearance of new and more optimized softwares. Eyecad VR is one of them. In this article, let’s find out more about this software and see if it is the right one for you.

What is Eyecad VR?

Eyecad VR is relatively a new visualization software powered by Real-time Rendering technology. In 2016, the Digital Atorm SRL tearm released the first version of Eyecad VR and introduced it as a simple and intuitive architectural visualization software. VR allows you to create fantastic, interactive VR scenes for you and your customers. It has been made up to create renderings, videos, and interactive experiences for architecture and design.

Eyecad VR is the innovative solution for the design and exploration of 3D environments through virtual reality with photorealistic and immersive graphics. Using Eyecad VR, design professionals will be able to access the spaces they create, exploring them in 360-degree 3D with ease and quality. It’s does not change the way we work, but innovates the way of presenting the projects, captivating its customers, without having to resort to incomprehensible technical drawings, 2D technologies and expensive plastics with high environmental impact.

Interior design

Just imagine your space and communicate every step: from the initial concept to the most refined details. Designers can finally visualize their own interiors by focusing on the project, without getting lost in 3D computer graphics complexity.


Spaces, shapes, materials and lights come to life in your visuals. VR renders them all, offering to the architect all the tools he needs to show his project ideas.

3D Configurators

Mass Customization is the paradigm of the digital customer experience. Thanks to a user oriented real-time interface, Eyecad let you to create interior and furniture 3D configurators, to differentiate your brand and engage your customers.

How does Eyecad VR work?


Compatible with any 3D modelling software, CAD or BIM to let designers to work with softwares they usually use during the design steps.

  • Work with all software actually used during the design phase and the realization of the 3D model.
  • Import 3D models in Eyecad VR to finalize and rendering every project.


Drag and drop thousands of ready-to-use assets to complete any 3D scene in just a few clicks.

  • Over 200 materials and 3D models available.
  • Updated project libraries.
  • Embedded automatic system to generate environments and weather effects.
  • Full Configurable lighting rigs for interiors and exteriors, with day and night cycles.


Photorealistic images, videos and interactive scenes, starting from the same 3D scene: ready in a simple click.

  • Real-time rendering. Immediate results. No calculation time.
  • High Quality visuals, without render-farms or highend workstations.
  • Web-link to share projects with co-designers and clients.

System requirements

CPU: Intel i5 or higher

GPU: 4 GB – compatible with DirectX 11

RAM: 8 GB or higher

Space Requirement: 5 GB

Internet Connection: Required

OS system: Windows 10


Eyecad VR has two versions: Eyecad VR Start and Eyecad VR Pro.

  • Eyecad VR Start: Lifetime license with €199.
  • Eyecad VR Pro: Lifetime license with €399.

Note: Eyecad VR lifetime license includes two non simultaneous seats.

Final thoughts

Eyecad VR is a great new option worth trying for real-time architectural rendering. With an intelligent workflow, based on the three main steps of “import”, “configure” and “render”, designers can create high-quality renderings, videos, and interactive experiences quickly.

iRender is proud of being pioneer in Vietnam providing high computing performance with many CPUs & GPUs for 3D rendering, processing Big Data or any other intensive tasks. We support and integrate all 3D design softwares and rendering plugins to meet all your needs.

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