April 27, 2020 iRender

Introducing iRender Remote Render Farm

By allowing users to access iRender’s server system to use the performance of not only one but also many highly configurable computers, Introducing iRender Remote Render Farm can completely meet the great demand for computer performance. With only a regular personal computer, you can still solve complex tasks and meet the work requirements as if you own a render farm.

If you work in 3D Animation, Architecture, VFX/CGI effects, VR, Game Design, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI…, which often require powerful computer performance to handle complex scripts, perhaps you know thoroughly that are difficult to run on regular personal computers.

Own your render farm

You have full of control as if you are using your own “render farm”.

  • No more worrying about queued jobs before rendering, you have the right to choose the priority level for your jobs.
  • No one but you uses the render nodes iRender provides you.
  • No one but you can access the data in your “render farm”.

The uniformity of environment as well as data will solve all problems such as: software design/renderer versions, missing elements, missing files…


With a personal computer, users can easily use the “Remote Desktop” to access the “render farm” with ID from iRender.

After making sure that the Repository Server that iRender provides you have been installed correctly and fully of software and plugins needed for your work, you just need to transfer the necessary data and use.

iRender integrates Render Farm Management software – AWS Thinkbox Deadline in the Repository Server for users to share jobs, allocate resources of nodes in their “render farm”.

* AWS Thinkbox Deadline (“Deadline”): software that calculates, manages, and divides jobs for nodes in render farms. Deadline provides flexibility and a lot of calculation options, allowing users to easily access and allocate resources in the system in accordance with the needs of rendering, managing, and processing renderings for users.

Use the power of multiple servers

Through Render Farm Management software, users can choose exactly the number of nodes needed in their “render farm” to meet their demand, have full control to maximize the power of nodes.


Areas of high demand for computing power are also often areas where high security is required. Therefore, iRender has built data security protocols for users according to international standards. Some security standards iRender uses are:

  • AES: Data encryption standard recognized by the US government
  • SSL: the standard file transfer data encryption protocol
  • Protocols for information security, data of other users

Optimize the cost

Using iRender Remote Render Farm instead of hardware infrastructure investment

Powerful computers for handling complex tasks in areas such as 3D Animation, Architecture, VFX/CGI effects, VR, Game Design, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, Scientific Computing, Medical Analysis, Graphic Visualization and Simulation…are not cheap at all. Neither every individual nor every organization are affordable. The problem of hardware infrastructure investment has never been easy.

Cloud Computing was formed, followed by the development of cloud services according to the SaaS and IaaS models as applied by iRender, which helped these areas solve a huge problem of computer performance instead of investing hardware infrastructure.

Go green

Worries about redundancy or lack of resources are eliminated with the expansion of solar energy for the system, iRender will help users save resources and protect the environment. iRender’s Go green project will also give users a cheaper service.

Flexible choice

You have the flexibility to choose the type of server (CPU or GPU) as well as the number of nodes in your “render farm” depending on your work needs and financial capacity. iRender also provides many different payment options.

Save time & Focus on creativity

No more worrying and time-consuming consideration of how to match your needs with your budget when deciding to invest in hardware infrastructure. With iRender Remote Render Farm, users can easily narrow or expand their “render farm” scale according to their needs.

Helping our customers solve difficult problems with the optimal cost is iRender’s purpose when developing our services.

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Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3DS Max
Cinema 4D
Daz Studio
Nvidia Iray
Unreal Engine
And many more…


iRender Core – GPU Render Engine
GPU HUB. – Decentralized GPU Computing
Chip Render Farm


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