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iRender’s perfect new RTX 4090 for Redshift rendering

The hottest graphics card right now is RTX 4090, with much hype over how it outperforms other old series 3000 and 2000. In this article, iRender will help you to have a look at its specifications, test its performance and introduce a perfect new RTX 4090 server for Redshift rendering.

1. NVIDIA’s new graphics card RTX4090

Geforce RTX 4090 is a high class graphics card which was released in October 2022 by NVIDIA. The new 5 nm process, AD102 graphics processor and the DirectX 12 Ultimate enable the card support for hardware-raytracing, variable-rate shading and more.

Some other specification of RTX 4090: 16384 shading units, 512 texture mapping units, 176 ROPs, 512 tensor cores, 128 ray-tracing acceleration cores, 24GB of VRAM, base clock of 2235 MHz, which can be boosted up to 2520 MHz. Those specs will be very helpful when it comes to rendering or machine learning improvement.

The long existing kings in this field are always RTX 3090 and RTX 3090Ti. Let’s see the comparison of the with the new generation of GPUs

From the table we can see a big update for CUDA cores, Raytracing cores, Tensor cores to help you achieve better ray-tracing and DLSS experience. Clock speed is also seen a big leap from 1395Mhz to 2235Mhz, which will deliver bigger performance gains.

2. Redshift performance with RTX4090

As Puget Systems tests with a variety of graphics cards, RTX 4090s is the best in speed when you render Redshift. One RTX 4090 could be 1.7 times faster than one RTX 3090, and 1.6 times faster than RTX 3090 Ti. The same speed 1.7 times faster applied to dual RTX 4090s compared to dual RTX 3090s.

iRender also took a test with our new server dual RTX 4090s (4S) and our RTX 3090 server. The result is no different, where you could see the card RTX 4090 outperform RTX 3090 in the scene Ages of Vultures. A Dual RTX 4090s renders in 49 seconds, while the server 1 x RTX 3090 would take 157 seconds to render.

3. iRender’s perfect new RTX 4090 for Redshift rendering

iRender is always up to date with the newest technology. That explains our releasing of a new server 2x RTX4090s on 14th October 2022.

As Redshift can scale up pretty fast in a multiple GPUs system (with a maximum of 8 GPUs per session), we choose to start with dual RTX 4090s first. Soon, we will introduce to you more powerful packages 4/6/8 x RTX 4090s.

We are not only providing you the most powerful graphics card, but also the same level of hardware, such as AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor, 256 GB RAM, 2 TB of storage (NVMe SSD).

A processor is a very important factor because if you are also using Redshift with some program like Cinema4D, Maya, or 3dsMax – then a CPU with a high clock speed will bring you good performance for modeling or animation. Moreover, high frequency will ensure that the system is very responsive with low loading times, and users will experience snappy viewports. Additionally, our testing has shown that a CPU clock speed can directly affect GPU performance. Therefore, iRender has changed from an old processor to a Threadripper one.

With the price of $15, now you can experience the newest card and enjoy working smoothly in a customized pipeline like you have always done with your own PC.

Don’t hesitate to register right now to render on our new server 2x RTX4090s. You just need to update the latest NVIDIA studio driver to get the best out of it. Contact us via Whatsapp (+84) 916806116 for more support.


Happy rendering!

Source: techpowerup.com, digitaltrends.com, pugetsystems.com

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