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MetaHuman vs iClone: Which One is Better for 3D Character Creation?

In the evolving world of 3D character creation, content creators and developers are constantly looking for tools and platforms that offer unparalleled realism, flexibility, and ease of use. MetaHuman vs iClone – two cutting-edge solutions that have attracted the attention of experts and enthusiasts alike. As the demand for lifelike digital characters continues growing, the question arises: MetaHuman vs iClone: Which is better for 3D character creation?

In this blog, let’s join iRender to find the answer!

MetaHuman vs iClone: Strengths and Weaknesses

MetaHuman: Shaping Hyper-Realistic Digital Actors

MetaHuman Creator, developed by Epic Games in collaboration with 3Lateral and Cubic Motion, has been making waves with its promise to simplify the creation of high-fidelity digital humans. This cloud-based streaming application allows developers to create and customize realistic digital people quickly (in just a few minutes). Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine, MetaHuman boasts a huge library of facial features, expressions, and animations. Thanks to that, users can adjust everything from age and ethnicity to facial features and hair. All customization is just a few clicks and drags away.

Character creation that used to take a lot of time, even months or years of sculpting, rigging, and other complex processes, can now be completed in less than an hour. The characters created are visually stunning and ready for animation and motion capture. They are valuable resources for game developers, filmmakers, and other digital creators. Thus, MetaHuman is a precious, game-changing tool in 3D character creation.

MetaHuman vs iClone for 3D Character Creation 1

Image source: teamorlando.org

Strengths of MetaHuman

  • High Realism: MetaHuman uses advanced scanning and animation technologies to create amazingly lifelike digital actors. High-resolution facial mapping and dynamic animation contribute to a level of realism unprecedented in the industry.
  • Ease of Use: With a user-friendly interface, MetaHuman empowers creators to quickly create complex characters without extensive technical expertise. The platform’s intuitive controls facilitate rapid iteration and adjustment, streamlining the character creation process.
  • Seamless Integration with Unreal Engine: MetaHuman provides a smooth workflow for further refining sprites within the comprehensive Unreal ecosystem. This integration allows users to take full advantage of Unreal’s powerful rendering and animation tools.

Limitations of MetaHuman

  • Limited Customizability: While MetaHuman offers a wide range of built-in features and animations, the platform’s deep range of customization can be limited compared to other tools on the market.
  • Restricted Compatibility: Due to its close relationship with Unreal Engine, MetaHuman may pose a challenge for those who like to work with different game engines or 3D software.

iClone: Empowering Versatile Character Creation and Animation

iClone, developed by Reallusion, is a complex 3D rendering and animation software, aimed at real-time production. Offering a wide range of features including character creation, motion capture, and animation, iClone allows users to sculpt and animate digital characters with outstanding precision and flexibility. Additionally, iClone is popular for its easy-to-use environment and feature to import and export popular file formats.

Furthermore, iClone’s integration with other software and tools such as Maya, Omniverse Audio2Face, and Blender further enhances its usability. This makes it an effective tool for animation artists, game developers, video producers, and anyone in the creative industry.

MetaHuman vs iClone for 3D Character Creation 2

Image source: reallusion.com

Strengths of iClone

  • High Versatility: iClone’s diverse toolset includes character creation, clothing design, facial animation, and procedural effects, giving users broad creative freedom. The platform’s rich asset library contributes to a rich and customizable character-creation experience.
  • Good Interactive Ability: iClone’s compatibility with many different 3D software and game engines promotes a flexible workflow for users who may require integration with different tools or processes.
  • Ease of Use: It provides a user-friendly interface with a wide range of pre-made assets and character-creation tools, making it easy to create and animate characters.
  • High Performance: Through real-time rendering and animation, iClone facilitates rapid prototyping and visualization, allowing creators to efficiently iterate and refine their characters.

Limitations of iClone

  • Expensive for Beginners: This software is quite expensive for beginners with a base price of 599 USD. Additionally, it may require purchasing additional content from the Reallusion Content Store.
  • Lack of Realism: While iClone offers impressive character creation and animation, the level of realism may not match the hyper-realistic standards set by platforms like MetaHuman.

MetaHuman vs iClone: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Project




Cost Free (5% Royalty Fee if earned over 1 million USD) 599 USD (Perpetual License)
Programming Language C++ Python
Integration Integrates with Unreal Engine only Support Maya, Omniverse Audio2Face, Blender, MetaHuman Creator, and Unreal Engine
Realism High Lower 
Application Gaming, Films, Virtual production, and VR Experiences Education, Animator, Content Creator, Film, Game development

When looking at MetaHuman vs iClone for creating 3D characters, several factors come into play. For creators looking for unparalleled realism, seamless integration with Unreal Engine, and an intuitive character creation workflow, MetaHuman is a compelling choice. Its focus on high-fidelity digital humans makes it ideal for gaming projects, and VR experiences requiring enhanced realism and immersion. However, achieving high-quality rendered images is time-consuming, so if your project is under a tight deadline, you should consider it.

On the other hand, iClone‘s flexibility, interoperability, and wide-ranging feature set are a great solution for content creators who require a comprehensive platform for character creation and animation. Its flexibility and extensive toolset cater to 3D projects, providing powerful customization and animation capabilities. But iClone’s fast rendering means the realism is not as high as MetaHuman. Also, its price is a factor to consider, especially for beginners.

MetaHuman vs iClone for 3D Character Creation 3

Image source: magazine.reallusion.com

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing between MetaHuman vs iClone depends on each creator’s specific needs and preferences. Whether prioritizing realism or all-round versatility, both platforms offer compelling features that cater to distinct aspects of 3D character creation. Notably, MetaHuman is free and iClone also offers a 30-day free trial for you to explore. Trying these two tools will be helpful for your decision.

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