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Professional GPU Cloud Rendering Service for OctaneRender

GPU Cloud Rendering Service is becoming an industry standard in the fields of Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and Advertising. By utilizing the high-end graphics cards today, computers can see a performance increase of several magnitudes using render systems optimized for GPUs. OctaneRender is one of the most popular render engines because of its integration across multiple softwares and the libraries of materials available for it.

In this article we will introduce to you about Otoy’s Octane Render Engine. This will be a good starter if you are an Octane user and looking for a powerful render farm for Octane.

Highlighted Features of OctaneRender

Octane is a GPU render engine that uses a way of calculating final rendered images that aims to be photo-realistic. Octane is an unbiased rendering engine using GPU technology, which is close to physical accuracy because each pixel is pushed through the real-life path a particle of light would travel in the scene. This rigorous process results in a high amount of chaos (think noise) in the initial pass of an unbiased render. After a few passes, the image begins to smooth out with the rate of errors (noise) decreasing over time. Although an unbiased render engine will produce exceptional quality and realism, far superior to that of a biased render engine, an unbiased render is never “done”. It will render forever until you simply save it and call it done.

Here are some notable features to select Octane renderer in your career.

  • Fully GPU-based, offering never-before-seen rendering speed
  • Fully interactive
  • Physically-based materials and lighting
  • Realistic camera model (supporting real-time depth-of-field)
  • Unbiased Spectral Algorithms Instancing
  • Real-time integrated post processing
  • Fully Integrated plugins for major 3D modelling applications

System requirements for Octane Render Engine

OctaneRender requires the latest CUDA® 10 drivers and a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA® video card with support for compute capability 3.0 or higher . An up-to-date list can be found. This includes Turing (e.g. RTX™ 20 Series, Titan RTX, GeForce RTX, and GTX 16 Series), Quadro® GPUs, Volta™ GPUs, GTX Titan (high-end), Pascal™ (GTX 10xx), Maxwell (GTX 7xx, GTX8xx, GTX9xx), and Kepler™ (GTX 680, GTX 690).

OctaneRender also requires a minimum of 8 GB RAM, and we recommend 16 GB or more.

Texture limits and differing power efficiency ratings also apply depending on the GPU microarchitecture. GPUs from the GeForce® line are usually clocked higher and render faster than the more expensive Quadro® and Tesla GPUs.

GeForce cards are fast and cost-effective, but have less VRAM than Quadro and Tesla cards. OctaneRender scales perfectly in a multi-GPU configuration and can use different types of NVIDIA cards at once — e.g., a GeForce RTX 2080Ti combined with a Quadro RTX 6000. The official list of NVIDIA CUDA-enabled products is located at

NOTE: Using multiple GPUs together combines the cores, resulting in a linear speedup, but VRAM is not compounded. All textures, HDRI, geometry, and other scene elements must fit into a functional memory – each render GPU must have the same copy of all of the scene elements to complete the process. Therefore, this function is limited by the card with the least amount of VRAM. If there’s not enough VRAM, then you can enable OctaneRender’s Out-Of-Core features.

Professional Multi - GPU Cloud Rendering Service for Octane Rendering

OctaneRender completely relies on the GPU for rendering performance and scales extremely well. If your motherboard can accept more than one video card, adding additional video cards greatly improves OctaneRender’s rendering speed because OctaneRender’s performance scales perfectly with the number of GPUs (e.g. rendering with four GTX Titans will be 4x faster than using one GTX Titan), without the need for SLI. The cards can be different models, allowing you to use GPUs from two completely different architectures in a machine with multiple PCI-E slots (such as a GTX680 in the primary slot and a GTX1080 TI in the second).

iRender is a Professional GPU-Acceleration Cloud Rendering Service provider in HPC optimization for rendering tasks, CGI, VFX with over 20.000 customers and being appreciated in many global rankings (e.g. CGDirectorLumion OfficialRadarrenderInspirationTuts CADAll3DP). We are proud that we are one of the few render farms that support all software and all versions. Users will remotely connect to our server, install their software only one time and easily do any intensive tasks like using their local computers.

As OctaneRender does not use the CPU for rendering, a fast multi-core CPU is not required, but it does significantly improve scene-loading speeds. Therefore, we offer clients the powerful processor Intel Xeon W-2245 @ 3.90GHz/AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX @ 3.90GHz and 512 GB – 1 TB SSD – a great option if your projects require strong super powerful CPU. Furthermore, there are a variety of servers from single- GPU 1x RTX 3090 to Multi-GPU 2/4/6 x RTX 3090 and 6 x RTX 3090 which is coming soon, you can choose one server that is suitable for your demand and your software to get started.

These are configurations of multi-card GPU servers that you should take into consideration if you want to have great performance with OctaneRender. And it also depends on the scale of your project to decide which is the most suitable one. You can have a look at below video to see iRender 4 x RTX 3090 server and 6 x RTX 3090 server‘s performance with Octane Render for Cinema 4D and Houdini:


With the mentioned system configuration requirements for the OctaneRender, you may consider investing in your own machine or upgrading your existing computer. Or another attractive option is to use the service at iRender to get great advantages. Why we can confirm so:

  1. As you all know, iRender provides high performance and configurable server system to customers who need to utilize the power of CPU & GPU such as 3D rendering, AI training, VR&AR, simulation, etc. With iRender IaaS and PaaS services, you can access our server through the Remote Desktop Application and do whatever you want and install any software you need on it. It is like you are using your own computer but with a powerful configuration and much higher performance. In particular, you only need to install the software just one time, the next time you connect to the computer everything is ready for you to use.
  2. You can use iRender’s machines to render and even many machines running at the same time, and use yours for other purposes (such as designing or editing other files). This could save you time a lot, especially when you have a large project and a deadline is coming.
  3. iRender provides you powerful configuration packages with high performance can speed up your rendering and improve your job quality. And this is what we mainly want to show you today
  4. Another great feature that iRender brings to customers is day/ week/month rental packages with high discounts (15% for daily packages, 30% on weekly packages, and more on monthly packages) which is extremely beneficial for regular long-term users or large projects.
  5. Real human 24/7 support service, helping you to handle the problem quickly, effectively, saving you both time and money.

With the benefits iRender gives you as well as the configuration that is very suitable for OctaneRender, do not hesitate to use the service at iRender to have a great experience with your OctaneRender. Register for an ACCOUNT today to experience our service. Or contact us via WhatsApp: (+84) 912 785 500/ email [email protected] for advice and support.

iRender – Happy Rendering!

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