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Redshift vs Octane – Which RENDER ENGINE right for Cinema 4D? | Part 2

Welcome back to iRender. In the previous post, we made a comparison between Redshift and Octane in terms of speed and denoise. Today, we continue with the comparison of 2 RENDER ENGINE right for Cinema 4D software. We’re going to render two main scenes, including 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. In the indoor scene, it has simple settings with HDR lights. In the outdoor scene, we’ll compare 2 different lightings. They’re midday lighting and sunset lighting. Let’s get started.

Noted: The project is rendered on the 4x RTX 3090 server on the iRender cloud.

1. Indoor scene

The first one is the indoor scene.

When it comes to the render time, Redshift won, with 1m26s while 2m57s for Octane. However, regarding visual results, Octane was better. As it showed more contrast, brighter light, and darker shadow, even with the same lighting condition as Redshift.

2. Outdoor scene - Midday lighting

Next, we’re going to compare 2 renderers with the outdoor scene. 

On the one hand, the midday lighting. This scene has indoor and outdoor areas, texture areas, water surfaces, high poly objects, and HDR light. In addition, there is a pool with water here, which means it has reflection and bounces backlight.

It took Redshift 8m6s to render the whole scene, Octane was a bit slower with 10m46s. In terms of visuals, again, Octane won. Octane worked better with denoise and had better looks. The water looks pop, the light’s sharper. It’s easier to set up. 

3. Outdoor scene - Sunset lighting

On the other hand, the scene with sunset lighting. This scene here has HDR and one sunlight.

In this turn, Redshift took more time than Octane to clear out the noise in the dark environment. Overall, Redshift was slightly faster though. 12m24s was the render time of Redshift while 13m56s for Octane. In the visual of this scene, Octane outperformed Redshift one more time. Octane was greater with the dark areas and showed more contrast. The light reflection as you can see was also better. It had a sharper shadow. Finally, the color looked gorgeous.

Well, we’ve made more comparisons between Redshift and Octane. In conclusion, regarding the render time, Redshift came first. However, Octane won, in terms of visuals realistic.

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