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Some best paid IDEs for C++

In the previous article, we have talked about some best free IDEs for C++. They are all famous and used frequently by many people. Today, we will continue the series of C++ IDEs with with some paid ones. We hope this article will bring you some useful information about those paid IDEs features, their pros and cons and you can try some of them to find the best suitable one.

1. Some best paid IDEs for C++

1.1. Qt Creator

Qt Creator is a commercial (with free trial) C++ cross-platform IDE. It offers features like autocompletion, debugging, syntax highlighting, profiling, and refactoring.

For GUI design and programming, it uses the popular and feature-filled Qt toolkit. Using Qt, you can write applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile, and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code.

Qt Creator is really fast, intuitive and responsive to use. It’s beneficial for multi-support systems i.e. easily available for the Linux platform as well. However, it’s not free and you are not allowed to distribute your applications before you purchase a paid license.

1.2. CLion

The second paid IDE is CLion, which is a commercial cross-platform IDE for C/C++ developed by JetBrains. It’s available for macOS, Linux, and Windows and is integrated with the CMake build system.

CLion features are great. It gives intelligent code aid support, allowing the main focus to remain on the most vital aspects of the project. It offers you testing individual units of source code, running and debugging code with ease, customizations, project management, code analysis, and auto-formatting. This IDE also lets you analyze your application’s performance. One more great thing about CLion is that it has local and remote (via SSH) support, allowing you to code on your local machine but compile on remote servers.

Although being a user-friendly and intelligent IDE, it has some downsides. It requires money to buy a license, and it’s focused exclusively on C/C++.

1.3. Sublime Text

The third one is Sublime Text, a cross-platform source code editor which supports several languages and markup languages. Sublime Text has a Python application programming interface and has a slick user interface along with incredible features like convenient editing, customization on par with VS Code, quick navigation to symbols, lines or words, auto-generation and completion, multiple selections, command Palette, powerful API, syntax highlighting. You can also add additional functions with numerous plugins that are provided by its community. Its downside is that while you can use it for free in evaluation mode, you do need to buy a license to use Sublime Text’s development versions.

1.4. C++ Builder

The final paid IDE we want to introduce today is C++ Builder. It’s also a cross-platform, proprietary IDE (offering a free trial) by Embarcadero, the same company that makes Delphi Pascal products. Its features include: debugging, GUI builder, profiling, auto-completion, continuous integration, version control integration, database management, class browser, compiler, refactoring. It also supports mobile app development on Android and iOS.

The downsides of C++ Builder must be it has a proprietary license and it works on Windows and OS X only.

2. iRender - The best cloud computing for C++

We always try to release more articles about C++ so that you will get an overview about what you can use to work with it. You can either choose to work with free IDEs or with paid IDEs. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and you can try some of them before sticking with one that you feel most comfortable with.

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