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Starting 3ds Max Network Rendering

Rendering networks are sometimes called “render farms.” One machine is configured as the network manager in 3ds Max. The Manager distributes the job to rendering Servers by “farming it out.” Additionally, you can use the same computer concurrently as a Manager and a Server to avoid wasting processing time. In today article, let’s see how can we get started with network rendering for 3ds Max

How Tasks Are Divided

The network rendering duty is divided up among the rendering Servers by 3ds Max, who assigns one frame at a time to each Server. In a common, shared directory, the Servers’ finished output gathers.

If the same path defines the directory on each system, rendered frame files can likewise be written there. Due to their consecutive numbering, frame files are simple to put together later.

When deciding how to assign frames and jobs, the Manager considers a variety of different parameters, always aiming for the rendering network’s maximum efficiency. The Manager automatically identifies idle rendering servers and takes them into account when allocating jobs or frames. The Manager reclaims the domain name whenever a Server goes offline for whatever reason.

Starting Network Rendering

There are two steps to beginning a network rendering session after setting up the network rendering system and software:

  • Start the Server program on every machine in the network and the Manager program on one computer. The computer serving as the manager may also serve as the rendering server.
  • Start a rendering job in 3ds Max on a networked computer running a licensed copy of the software.

During a network rendering session, the Manager and Server programs must be initiated and left running. Until you terminate the program or shut off the computer, both programs are still running.

The following circumstances are presumptive:

  • On each computer that will function as a rendering server, 3ds Max has been installed. A license for 3ds Max is not required for computers that are simply used as rendering servers.
  • All installed and functional network connectivity and protocols.
  • A current version of Windows, such as Windows 7, is installed on every machine. Other operating systems’ restrictions might make network rendering unreliable.
  • The names of every computer begin with a letter. Machine names with numeric first letters will not work.
  • You’ve never tried network rendering before. Delete everything in the Program FilesAutodeskBackburnerNetwork folder except from nrres.dat if you’ve already tried network rendering and wish to go back to the way things were.
  • Manager and Server are not services that have been set up.

How to Start

You are prepared to add an animation to the network rendering queue once the Manager and Server network services have been configured. Starting network rendering entails two steps:

  1. On the render dialog, set all desired rendering parameters, such as resolution and the output file type.

In 3ds Max, you can render from the  Render Setup dialog, or the Render To Texture dialog.

2. From the Render Setup dialog  Target drop-down list, choose Submit To Network Rendering.

If you are using the Render To Texture dialog, then on the General Settings rollout click to turn on Network Render, and then click Render at the bottom of the dialog.

3ds Max opens the Network Job Assignment dialog, which lets you make final decisions about the job and submit your animation to the rendering servers.

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