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The Best Software for 3D Modeling and Design

3D art, specifically modeling, would not be possible without the support of the software. Maybe that’s what makes digital art, specifically 3D art, so interesting. It’s a surprising technical leap between computer science, ingenuity, and artistic creativity. When skill and creativity meet high-performance software and processing power, the results are beautiful, complex, and lifelike works.

There are several applications for 3D modeling, so finding the perfect software depends on many factors, including personal preference. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best 3D software for 3D Modeling, design, games, and modeling with iRender. Maybe the software you are looking for is in the list below.

The Best Software for 3D Design

Autodesk Maya

There are tons of great software to choose from, but Autodesk Maya has certainly taken the price across many industries. You will be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive and powerful software with such a great set of tools. Maya is an industry standard for many professionals and has provided some of the most-watched CGI in movies and video games to date.

So what are its downsides? Maya has a substantial price tag to match its complexity and utility. Honestly, it’s a poor choice for hobbyists, beginners, and for personal use, unless you can get a student license. It will take time and dedication, maybe even formal instruction, to thoroughly study and master Maya. All that said, the quality of work Maya produces is at its highest level speaking for itself.

The Best Software for 3D Games

For this section, we will give you two options. Both of these game engines are amazing and can be used for free. Depending on which you prefer, some game developers have very strict opinions as to which is better, so we’ll simply cover both, with a bit of advice to help you know what might be suitable for you.

Unity 3D

Overall, Unity 3D is a great choice for indie and small teams looking to create 3D-style games or 2D games. Unity is hugely popular, so you’ll find plenty of tutorials and videos to help you learn and get inspired.

If you’re making a game and you don’t have experience with coding, Unity can be daunting for some, as you’ll need to learn the C# coding language to get the most out of the engine. However, there are alternative plug-ins available, such as Bolt, that allow you to create game logic without writing code.

Unity has a lot of built-in features and various rendering pipelines that will help you upgrade your project and make it look amazing. With fog effects, post-processing, and camera effects, it’s easier than ever to make your game look stylized and appealing.

Unreal Engine 5

Unreal is the choice for indie developers as well as major game studios. All in all, though, the software could be tailored a bit more for large studios, since that’s what generates the bulk of the company’s revenue. That said, they’ve done a lot to make game development more accessible. UE5 is free to use and you only pay a portion of the revenue if you make more than $1 million from your project.

UE5 pushes the boundaries of real-time computer graphics and enables developers to do more with less hardware pressure. The graphics capabilities are amazing. You also get access to the Quixel Megascans library, which you can use for free in any Unreal Engine project. These scanned assets provide up to 8k, photo-like quality for developers. If your goal is to create lifelike, high-definition simulations and games then the UE5 is the right choice for you.

The Best Free 3D Modeling Software


By far, Blender has been named the best free 3D modeling software. If you haven’t tested Blender yet, we strongly recommend you do. Blender is open-source software that has been created for over 20 years.

Blender has excellent documentation and, being free software, is extremely popular and supported by thousands of independent content creators who post detailed tutorials and helpful content that will enable you to master the software in no time. This software can do everything any other software can do. It covers all aspects of the modeling pipeline from mesh generation or sculpting, to texturing, UV editing, and rendering. Blender goes very well with the two game engines we mentioned in the previous section, Unity, and Unreal. The fact is that Blender will work well for any 3D modeling application.

Daz Studio

Daz Studio is an excellent place to start as a beginner in 3D modeling. They’ve been leaders in the 3D space since 2000, and pride themselves in making 3D more accessible to artists of varying skill levels.

Daz Studio is designed to make setting up 3D scenes a modular, click-and-drag kind of process. They’ve created a line of human figures known as Genesis, and their current Genesis 8.1 generation offers the most realism and high-fidelity graphics to date. Using Genesis characters as a base model, Daz supports what we refer to as morphs, the ability to change the outward appearance of a character, without having to redo the rigging and other utility packed into Genesis.

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