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Twinmotion - The power of real-time Archviz

In Twinmotion, the creative process is hard enough without interruption. Twinmotion is a real-time visualization tool that empowers you to quickly and easily produce high-quality images, panoramas, and standard or 360° VR videos from design data. It’s been specifically designed for architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping professionals. 

Discover all features of Twinmotion in this article with iRender team!

Rendering, lighting, materials

  • Realt-time rendering for immersive experiences 

From browser-based interactive presentations to human-scale VR experiences, real-time rendering enables you to communicate every nuance of a project, letting stakeholders really immerse themselves in your designs.

  • Stunning stills and panoramas

Moreover, with Twinmotion’s built-in Path Tracer, you can easily achieve final-pixel imagery comparable to offline renderings, including compromise-free global illumination, physically correct refractions, HDRI sky lighting, and much more.

  • Non-realistic rendering style

Tell the right story at the right time, with several different push-button nonrealistic rendering styles, including white model, sketch effect, wood, metal, hidden line, and more.

Seamless Integration

  • From design to experience in minutes

Want to try real-time? Twinmotion can import your data in a matter of minutes, with no detail loss or headscratchers around where something went. Once linked, you can continue to refine your favorite CAD or BIM software before sending those changes to Twinmotion with a single click.

  • Bridge to Unreal Engine

The last, Twinmotion is only the beginning. With the bridge to Unreal Engine, preliminary ideas can shift into advanced visualizations that look nothing like the competition—all from the same file. No dead ends here.

  • Every major CAD, BIM, and modeling app-supported

Besides, instantly sync Archicad, Revit, SketchUp Pro, RIKCAD, Rhino, and Vectorworks scenes to Twinmotion with a single click. For everything else, we support a huge range of file formats.

Weather & Geography

  • Time in day

First of all, when you can shift the sun, you can study how light affects your building. Will surrounding shadows influence the design? With Twinmotion, you can find out.

  • Greenery & growth

Next, depict how new plantings will mature over time with Twinmotion’s Growth slider, giving your stakeholders confidence in the design’s development for years to come.

  • Weather & seasons

And finally, the weather has always had a big impact on people. In Twinmotion, you can cycle through forecasts and seasons with a slider to see how different scenarios play out.

High-quality assets

  • Extensive entourage library-including Smart Assets

Free assets are fun, and Twinmotion ships with over 10,000 high-quality ones that you can just drag and drop into your scene. But what if some of them came with realistic traits that kicked in automatically? That’s the idea behind Smart Assets. Trees grow, doors open, and people move—just like in real life.

  • User Library

Sometimes you stumble upon something you really like. When you do, save it to your user library, share it with your coworkers, and enjoy the kudos.

  • Quixel Magascans

Did you know there’s a team that’s been flying around the world for years scanning objects, textures, and more so you don’t have to? With Twinmotion, you get access to the whole library.

iRender - Powerful servers to boost speed rendering projects in Twinmotion

As almost all users know virtual machines have not supported Twinmotion. But in iRender, we have based-mental servers with strong CPU and many GPUs to accelerate rendering projects. We provide powerful machines that have processing capabilities of AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX @ 3.90GHz. In addition, they have multi-GPUs: 2/ 4/ 6/ 8 RTX 3090 24GB VRAM.

Hard drives like SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disc Drive) should also be taken into consideration when working on a very large project. Furthermore, storing your project on an SSD will allow your project to load and save faster. Luckily, iRender’s server is enough to adapt to these requirements and more

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