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4 useful tools for Houdini you need to know

Houdini is a very powerful DCC. There is a growing collection of tools for working fast and effectively in this software. They can be anything from workflow plug-ins to asset libraries that you can integrate into Houdini and use in your projects.

iRender have introduced you to lots of assets, toolkit, tools, plugins for Houdini before. Today, let’s explore 4 useful tools for Houdini you need to know to make your workflow more effective.

“Surfer” created by David Lee, a 3D Generalist and NFT Artist

1. OD Houdini Shelf Tools 2021

OD Houdini Shelftools, created by Oliver Hotz, is an ever-growing collection of Houdini Tools. It helps many artists to facilitate general workflow improvements and efficiency.  There are a whole lot of stuff that you should experiment with and take advantage of. Some of the most popular tools are material conversion, asset library, Drag and Drop, project switcher, and much more.

  • ODTools works with all versions of Houdini Licensing ( Apprentice | Indie | CORE | FX ) – Python 2 & 3 builds.
  • All Material Creation Methods now support Octane, Redshift, 3Delight, Renderman, VRay and Arnold.


LYNX is a VFX toolset made by Luca Scheller to accelerate your workflows. It is composed of 3 production-proven open source tools. That is LYNX_velocity, LYNX_fabric and LYNX_force_general.

  • LYNX_velocity: a Houdini .hda that allows you to create the velocity attribute based on edge selections. It also allows for finely tuned control of your velocities via grooming.
  • LYNX_fabric: made up of several Houdini assets that make fabric/weave pattern generation quick and easy.
  • LYNX_force_general: Instead of a lot of force nodes for different purposes, you now have one.

3. qLib

qLib is a procedural digital asset library for Houdini. It is a suite of tools that are built to work with Houdini’s native toolset. It improves the production process by allowing you to spend more time on what you want to achieve instead of how to achieve it.

Moreover, qLib is open-source software. And it’s developed by VFX professionals from several studios, working on feature films, game cinematics and commercials.

4. AELib

AELib is a library of Digital Assets, Tools and Scripts for Houdini. It includes more than 50 HDAs that add geometry creation, deformation, curve tools, SOP utilities, and other features.

Can you use these 4 tools on iRender Cloud Rendering?

Yes, you can. iRender supports Houdini in any version, with any renderers and plugins. Definitely includes OD Houdini Shelf Tools, LYNX, qLib and AELib. How can we do that? That’s because we provide high computing performance on the model of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), you – our users will take full control of the whole render process, just like your personal computer.

With Powerful Render Nodes: 1/2/4/6/8x RTX 3090 for both Single-GPU and Multi-GPU Rendering, you can easily choose one suitable package for your project demands to speed up the rendering process many times.

High-end configuration: NVIDIA RTX 3090 and AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX @ 3.90GHz, and with reasonable price. However, we are more than that. With a variety of useful features (Fixed Rental, Clone, NV Link, APIs, Process monitoring, etc) and dedicated support from our team, we want to bring to you not only the best quality products but also the most comfortable render time and experience.

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Thank you & Happy Rendering!

Reference source: OD Shelftools, LYNX, qLib, AELib

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