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6 types of light in V-Ray for Maya

The majority of 3D design programs offer a variety of lighting effects and settings. What purpose for it? Light is fundamental to 3D design, to put it simply. Light can help you breathe life into your 3D products. While you can use Maya standard lights with V-Ray, V-Ray includes a set of lights designed specifically for rendering with the V-Ray engine. In this blog, we will discover 6 types of light in V-ray for Maya.


The VRayLightRect, also known as the V-Ray Rectangle light or an “area light” is a planar light source. You can choose between two different light shapes: a rectangle and a disc. In an indoor situation, rectangle lights can be utilized to mimic artificial light sources like lamps.


VRayLightSphere is a sphere-shaped VRay Light object. It is a good all-purpose V-Ray light for lighting scenes to replicate actual point light sources, like lamp bulbs. Any size can be achieved by scaling the sphere, which radiates light in all directions.

Photometric lights

Photometric lights mimic the distribution pattern of a light source just as it would in real life. An.ies file, which holds the light distribution profile, is used by photometric lamps. A real-world light bulb or tube’s complete specs, including the cone’s shape and the falloff’s steepness, are contained in an.ies file. These files, which contain data acquired through lab studies and represent the light source exceedingly accurately, are typically provided by the company that makes the actual light bulb. The attributes of the light are replicated in Maya and used by V-Ray during rendering by loading an.ies file.

IES lights are especially helpful for interior architecture visualizations, where it can be crucial to accurately depict the use of particular artificial light sources in the scene.


A Dome light shines inward at the scene as if from a spherical or hemispherical light source outside the scene extents. This light is widely used for Image-Based Lighting (IBL) with environments created from panoramic High Dynamic Range Images (HDRIs). A dome light and HDRIs can produce realistic lighting and background reflections.

The illumination of a dome light comes from either a complete sphere or a hemispherical dome positioned above the light’s y-axis.

Sun light

Sun light is a sphere-shaped light source positioned in a particular area to mimic the sun in the sky. A sun light has various distinct characteristics. The V-Ray renderer has two unique features: the VRaySun and VRaySky. The VRaySun and VRaySky were designed to function together to replicate the sun and sky environment of the Earth. Both have been coded to alter their look in response to the VRaySun’s direction.
The VRayGeoSun node enables you to specify the V-Ray Sun’s position for a certain location and time in the world. The environment texture map VRaySky usually pairs with the VRaySun. Take note that a VRaySky is necessary for the Clouds to function with VRaySun.


Without using self-illuminated objects or global illumination, the VRayLightMesh can provide light sources with volume and shape. It is advisable to use the VRayLightMesh with GI enabled if it will be close to other surfaces in the scene so that V-Ray may sample the mesh light both directly and indirectly. Without GI, very near surfaces may exhibit noisy results from the light.

Add the vrayLightMeshProperties lightlink node to the LightSelect node in order to leverage the VRayLightMesh properties with the LightSelect render element.


Now, you have a basic understanding of the types of light in V-Ray for Maya. And an important note you should know is that the use of V-Ray lights and V-Ray materials within the Maya scene will result in a more accurate lighting solution than the use of standard Maya lights and materials.

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