September 6, 2020 iRender

Blender 2.90 Officially Released - New Features

After five years of development, the Blender 2.90 version was officially released!

Blender is an open-source, cross-platform, all-around 3D animation software that provides a range of animated short film production solutions from modeling, animation, materials, and rendering, to audio processing and video editing.

Blender 2.90, this version update brings a lot of new features. In the new version, iRender finds the key features introduced in Blender 2.8, introducing a true advanced 3d sculpting workflow and smarter hard surface modeling, improving the simulation of fluids and fabrics, VR, UV editing, and more (Check out Blender 2.90 release notes for more information).

Motion blur in EEVEE has been completely rewritten from scratch, adding support for mesh deformation, hair, and sub-frame buildup for better accuracy.

1. Pose Brush Scale/Transform deform mode

In the latest version, the next to rotate twist tool has been improved, two new deformation modes have been added to the pose brush and the mesh scale has been improved while preserving the volume or for the squashed or elongated effect.

2. Blender 2.90 – Extrude Manifold

This new “intelligent” tool in Blender 2.90, automatically divides and removes the adjacent faces of the mesh of the 3d model, while extruding inwards.

Blender’s render engines continue to evolve in Blender version 2.90, introducing a new sky model, plus support for warp motion blur in Eevee and denoising CPU views in Cycles.

3. Blender 2.9 – New Sky Model

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