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Five Best 3D Rendering Software in 2022

Over the years, we have talked about many CPU and GPU rendering solutions, especially considering the plethora of renderers available to developers and consumers alike. More rendering engines are becoming compatible across most operating systems and platforms, and many 3D modeling software can allow you to compare and contrast their quality by switching them around on a whim and a click.  In the article today, iRender will step it up and cover Five Best 3D Rendering Software in 2022  to help you choose the most suitable one for your upcoming projects. 

1. Redshift

Image Source: domestika.org

Redshift is a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer designed to meet the specific requirements of modern high-performance rendering. It’s one of the best 3D Rendering Software in 2022. Redshift’s out-of-the-box features provide everything you need to get photorealistic results. This software supports complex advanced shading networks and texturing capabilities. 

The functionality of the software allows you to have photorealistic results with the available resources. It supports advanced texturing, as well as complex texturing, and shading networks capabilities for quality rendering. It integrates with 3D applications out there so that you can jump into any software without paying a lot. Redshift is easily integrated into programs such as Cinema 4D, Maya, and Houdini, making for very powerful workflows and beautiful results.

  • Price: $500 / license
  • Software: 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Softimage
  • Redshift supports a maximum of 8 GPUs per session.
  • Pros: Fast GPU-accelerated rendering, Out of Core (OOC) capability
  • Cons: Steep learning curve for new users

2. OctaneRender

Image Source: otoy.com

Octane Render is a GPU-based renderer that handles processor-heavy algorithms with ease. It’s considered one of the fastest real-time render software plugins on the market to date and the next of best 3D Rendering software in 2022. Making use of its interactive real-time viewport system, it smoothly speeds up your workflow by essentially displaying your final render as you work, edit and place materials, and frame compositions.

It works as a standalone program, or it can be easily implemented as a plugin for many industry-standard programs including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, and Blender just to name a few. An ideal contender for architectural visualization, this rendering software also boasts that along with its comprehensive interface yielding beautiful results fairly quickly, its processing speeds dwarf that of other GPU-based plugins by 10–50 times.

  • Price: $699 / year
  • Software: 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Blender, Cinema 4D, DAZ Studio, Houdini, Lightwave, Maya, Modo, Nuke, Revit, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, Softimage, Standalone
  • With OctaneRender, you can currently use up to 20 GPUs on a single project
  • Pros: Fast GPU-accelerated rendering, integrated online material archive
  • Cons: Steep learning curve for new users, difficult-to-use interface, price


Image Source: collby.graphics

If you’ve been using Blender, you might be familiar with the name “Cycles”. That’s the name for the ray-tracing renderer inside Blender, but upon release of version 2.8, a new real-time renderer was implemented called “Eevee”. Eevee is focused on real-time rendering, using clever speedy tricks to sacrifice as little realism as possible when compared to Blender’s realistic Cycles renderer.


  • Render time is greatly reduced.
  • Settings can be more intuitive to play with for beginners.
  • It can give faster and similar results in some scenes compared to Cycles.


  • It doesn’t provide the realism that Cycles does.
  • Some scenes must be made and tweaked in Cycles before they can render properly.
  • Some materials don’t work immediately.

4. Lumion

Image Source: Lumion.com

Lumion is a GPU-based 3D rendering software developed by Act-3D B.V. company. The engine has plugins for SketchUp, Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, 3ds Max. A full Lumion license costs 1,817 dollars, but one can test its benefits for free using the 14-days trial.

This product rendering software offers a myriad of features that are great for creating object visualizations. Notably, the program has a collection of 112 materials and 100 textures for creating product renders with true-to-life details. With this feature, product designers and manufacturers can get beautiful images with any type of 3D furniture visualization, be it rendered for a faux-fur chair or a leather sofa. Lumion renders in real-time, which means 3D Artists can not only render the image but also view the process results as an animated scene in real-time.

  • Pros: Integrated map/asset library, drag and drop menu

Lumion has a Content Library with 634 HD objects, including high-quality kitchen appliances, seating, desks, storage items, and other home furnishings. The ready-made 3D models can be taken from the library for creating product renders, which saves a lot of time.

  • Cons: Price (1,817 dollars), difficult-to-use interface

5. Unreal engine 5

Image Source: Alliance X Empire Game

With Unreal Engine, you can bring amazing realtime experiences to life using the world’s most advanced realtime 3D creation tool. From first projects to the most demanding challenges, our free and accessible resources and inspirational community empower everyone to realize their ambitions. Since 2015, Unreal engine can be downloaded for free, with its source code available on a GitHub private repository. Epic allows for its use in commercial products based on a royalty model,  typically asking developers for 5% of revenues from sales.


  • Licensing model: Since you are not paying anything at the front you have a full-powered, unrestricted engine at your fingertips and you only pay royalties once your earning reaches a certain threshold. For starters, the deal is not bad at all.
  • Performance: The engine’s performance is at the top of the industry.
  • Good support for Steam and other similar ecosystems
  • Open Source: If you have the knowledge of C++, you can modify it to fit your needs.


  • Can be Overwhelming for one person: Unreal is better suited for teams than a single person, which makes the learning curve so much steeper.
  • It’s free until you start making over $25.000 per quarter.

Website: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/ 

Where can you use all the software and plug-ins?

iRender is a Powerful GPU-Acceleration Cloud Rendering Service provider in PC optimization for rendering tasks, CGI, VFX with over 10.000 customers and being appreciated in many global rankings (e.g. CGDirector, Lumion Official, Radarrender, InspirationTuts CAD, All3DP). This is the only render farm that users can install any software and plugins that serve their project, take full control over the machine and use it as their local computers. 

High-end hardware configuration

  • Offering the most powerful graphic card currently, RTX 3090. The servers range from Single and Multi-GPU servers: 1/2/4/6/8 x RTX 3090 with 24 GB vRAM capacity, fitting to the heaviest images and scenes. 
  • A RAM capacity of 128/256 GB.
  • Storage (NVMe SSD): 512GB/1TB.
  • Intel Xeon W-2245/ AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX CPU with a high clock speed of 3.90GHz.
  • Additionally, iRender provides NVLink (Request) which will help you increase the amount of VRAM to 48GB. This is a technology co-developed by Nvidia and IBM with the aim of expanding the data bandwidth between the GPU and CPU 5 to 12 times faster than the PCI Express interface. These servers are sure to satisfy any 3D artists/ studios with very complex and large scenes.

Now go forth and create! Become a member of the iRender community today to stop wasting pointless hours of rendering. Always at the forefront of cutting-edge graphics technology, we do the rendering, the creativity is yours!

iRender – Happy Rendering!

Source: all3dp.com and applet3d.com

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