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Use Portal Lights in Redshift to improve your interior lighting

When make interior lighting in Redshift for Cinema 4D, we often use environment maps to create a natural look. The only issue is that this requires a lot of global illumination bounces to look good and can significantly increase render times. Therefore, we can avoid adding global illumination bounces by using Portal Lights in Redshift instead to improve your interior lighting.

1. What is Portal Light?

Portal Lights in Redshift act as a virtual window casting direct lighting into a room from the environment outside. They effectively give you one bounce of global illumination for free. It works by sampling light color from the environment map shader or the custom environment shader parameter in the portal light.

2. Add the environment map shader to use Portal Lights

To add your environment map shader to your scene, open the Redshift Render Settings and under the Redshift Globals tab, drag the shader into the Default Environment field.

Two Portal Lights are placed in this scene: one above the skylight and another just outside of the archways to the right of my camera. You can see in the before and after images that the Portal Lights added a lot of soft warm natural lighting to the scene.

The portal lights will only work if there is an environment map selected in

the render settings or a dome light in the scene. If you turn off the dome light and remove the environment shader from the Render Settings. there’s no lighting at your scene. That was a brief overview on portal lights and their benefits when it comes to lighting interiors.

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