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Innovations from NVIDIA Omniverse in Year of Virtual Worlds

2021 Marked the Year of Virtual Worlds. As Edmar Mendizabal said, 2021 was a landmark year for NVIDIA Omniverse. Edmar has previously worked at companies including THQ and Ubisoft where he worked closely with game developers. Now he brings 15 years of game industry experience to NVIDIA’s Omniverse team. Check out this article to see the nnnovations from NVIDIA Omniverse by Edmar’s word.

General Information - Innovations from NVIDIA Omniverse

Almost all people know that Omniverse is the multi-GPU-enabled open platform for 3D design collaboration and real-time simulation. The platform became generally available to millions of creators, developers, and enterprise leaders looking to enhance 3D workflows and develop physically accurate digital twins.

Being is one of the Year’s 100 Best Inventions, NVIDIA Omniverse is laying the foundation for robust virtual world creation and opening new paths to market for developers around the world.

Innovations from NVIDIA Omniverse Apps had new updates and were released last year including Omniverse Create, Omniverse View, Omniverse Audio2Face, Omniverse Machinima, Omniverse Kaolin, and Omniverse XR Remote.

Besides, it brings powerful new features below: 

  • Omniverse Farm, is a systems layer to orchestrate multiple computing resources. Then users can execute batch and interactive tasks. 
  • Omniverse VR, a new functionality coming to Omniverse Kit. It with real-time ray-traced VR and is the world’s first full-fidelity
  • Omniverse Avatar, is a developer’s technology platform. This platform for generating interactive virtual robots. Certainly, it is easily customizable for virtually any industry.
  • Omniverse Replicator, is a powerful synthetic-data-generation engine. That produces physically simulated synthetic data for training deep neural networks.
  • Connectors to applications like Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Many more are in the pipeline, with an Adobe Substance 3D Material Extension coming soon. 
  • A custom Blender 3.0 Alpha release with advanced USD and MDL support, opening Omniverse to millions of Blender artists
  • Omniverse-ready USD assets from leading 3D marketplaces including TurboSquid by Shutterstock, CGTrader, Sketchfab, and Twinbru. 

NVIDIA Omniverse had a huge number of new users in 2021. Moreover, plenty of leading companies explored NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to unite their teams, tools, and assets in a shared virtual space.  

List some incredible works of the creative industry with Omniverse below.

Enterprise Highlights

At GTC in Spring of 2021, BMW Group debuted how they are using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to create a digital twin of their automotive factory to reduce planning times and improve flexibility and precision.

Creator Highlights

A Graphics Flashback, Yenifer Macias

One of the #CreateYourRetroverse contest winners, Yenifer, used Omniverse Create, Adobe Substance Painter, Autodesk Maya, and ZBrush to design this nostalgic scene.

Animated Films with Omniverse Audio2Face, Jae Solina

The creator behind the popular YouTube channel, JSFILMZ, Jae Solina is using innovations from NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face to save time and money on virtual production. “With Omniverse, I don’t have to wait a full week to render a 30-second animation,” Solina said. “The rendering speed in Omniverse is superb and saves me a lot of time, which is important when balancing my filmmaking, noncreative work, and family.”

Character Creation, Benny Dee

Cartoon Network animator Benny Sokomba Dazhi, Benny Dee, uses the Reallusion iClone Omniverse Connector to streamline his 3D workflow. “The main challenges I faced when trying to meet deadlines were long rendered times and difficulties with software compatibility, but using an Omniverse Connector for Reallusion’s iClone app has been game-changing for my workflow,” he said.

Developer Highlights

Connecting in the Metaverse: The Making of the GTC Keynote

Firstly, at SIGGRAPH, NVIDIA premiered a documentary highlighting creative minds and revolutionary technologies. Behind the GTC 2021 keynote, detailing how Omniverse was used to create a virtual version of NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang.

New Trainings and Tools for Developers Building on the Omniverse Platform

Secondly, NVIDIA launched a new self-paced Deep Learning Institute training course. Getting Started with Universal Scene Description for Collaborative 3D Workflows, that familiarizes users with Universal Scene Description. The inaugural NVIDIA Omniverse Developer Day was also introduced at GTC in November. Besides it is providing developers access to technical and business-focused sessions for building, extending, and connecting tools and platforms to the growing Omniverse ecosystem.

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Source and image: developer.nvidia.com

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