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New Addons and Updates For Blender with iRender (Part 1)

The open source nature of Blender encourages enthusiasts and professionals alike to contribute their time and expertise in the name of making a better Blender. This is widely visible in the massive variety of plugins you can find for Blender on the web. These plugins extend the program and improve its capabilities.And it seems like new plugins pop up every day. Today we’re going to talk about new addons and updates for Blender. They vary from ui add-ons and shaders to vegetation assets, lighting texturing and so on.

1. True Skye

First we have the true sky. If you are tired of looking for the perfect sky high dynamic range images for your scenes. True sky comes fully loaded to help you create realistic skies completely customizable inside a blender. As you will have control over the atmosphere, clouds, fog dust and haze it comes with a long list of parameters that you can play around with for adjusting the skies. However you need it also comes with adjustable sky presets with different tabs. A physically accurate and animated cloud that can interact with the sunlight and cast shadows on the ground. There are also volume quality presets available for saving performance if you needed or max it out for the best results.

2. Santos add-on

It is a growing library of currently 160 high quality procedural materials with adjustable settings of course. An example for the stone tiles floor material you have the possibility to change their offset surface water level etc… For the weathering tiles material you can control the amount of cracks missing pieces dirtiness and grunge. They are adding each month new materials to the library where they are organized into different categories in the m panel. To quick access there are also two shaders available in the library along with some special shaders such as animated rain effects.

3. Clay Shader

It is an ultimate clay shader that was recently made from scratch with the new shader nodes with the release of its latest version. Now it is ready to use for blender 3 with 13 presets accessible. A later master node of the add-on allows you to customize your clay shader in a user-friendly way. It will give you many possibilities for the look of the clay, the fingerprints cracks ,stones mapping and even animation. And as a bonus you also get with the add-on a procedural text tool for creating class style photography with only two nodes and that works with all the fonts supported by Blender.

4. Clean panels

Next up we have an update for clean panels which is an add-on that helps to organize your add-ons into groups and categories. This latest version came with several bug fixes and updates including workspace panel reordering. And lastly auto saving features one thing the add-on offers is the ability to open your add-on panels in sticky windows. It also for loading panels to have it open in any position you want on the screen.

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Thank you & Happy Rendering!

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