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New Features in Twinmotion 2021

Since Epic Game acquired Twinmotion in 2019, it has continued to improve the existing features and workflows of this archviz tool. In March 2021, finally Twinmotion 2021.1 was released and offered powerful new possibilities to create, develop and present visualizations as a fully connected member of the Epic ecosystem. We will introduce to you some of the key features below.

Bridge to Unreal Engine

Twinmotion users now can import their projects into Unreal Editor via a new plugin. Architects are able to take visualization to the next level by communicating preliminary concept ideas – such as visually indicating the type of materials, lighting, context, and other project elements – in Twinmotion, and then pass the project on to a visualization specialist for further refinement in Unreal Engine, including accurate lighting and material scenarios, higher-quality visualization outputs, animations, and other advanced behaviors.

Presenter Cloud Early Access

To help sharing work for review with clients in remote locations, or for working from home in this pandemic, Epic Games introduce Early Access to the new Twinmotion Presenter Cloud service. Now you can share your projects with any stakeholders around the world, with just a basic Windows or macOS desktop computer and a web browser. However, this feature is currently exclusively available to full commercial licensees; and is anticipated to be made available to all users in the future.

Megascans in Twinmotion library

Users now can browse and access Quixel Megascans 3D Assets and Surface categories directly within Twinmotion projects, as they are integrated into Twinmotion asset library. 3D Assets include thousands of high-quality objects that can be used to populate a scene in categories like buildings, food, industrial, and nature, while the Surfaces offer a vast collection of high-fidelity materials covering everything from bark to bricks, and from marble to metal. Assets are stored on the cloud until downloaded for use, reducing local storage requirements.

Other new features

Datasmith Direct Link

Adding support for Datasmith Direct Link functionality, which is being developed to support connections between multiple sources and multiple destinations simultaneously (such as Revit), improves user experience.

New trees, humans, and workout furniture assets

140 new assets have been added to the Twinmotion asset library, such as new Japanese and American trees, furniture assets for populating gyms and street workout areas, and new ready-posed humans.

Lighting enhancements

The default and minimum/maximum intensity of various lighting features, including Sun, Moon, Artificial lights, Particles, Vehicle neons, Street lights, and Emissive materials has had a number of small changes. Epic Games also adjusted the Auto-exposure and Bloom settings to create a smoother transition between day and night.

Nonrealistic rendering styles

You now can quickly and easily switch between different nonrealistic rendering styles—hidden line, hidden line shaded, wood model, metal model, white model (clay render), and default material—in order to focus on particular aspects of the design, such as lighting or form, or to represent a more technical hand-drawn style.

Phasing in Presenter

New version of Twinmotion is now possible to include phasing in Presenter files, enabling architects to remotely present different stages of a project’s construction schedule sequentially. And it’s not limited to one camera position, phasing can be played from anywhere.

UI/UX improvements

To help new users get up to speed faster, a number of UI/UX enhancements have been added, including a new Header Panel that integrates navigation help, and a button for direct export of the current project to Presenter Cloud.


There are many more features in this new version of Twinmotion, but we can only address some of the most prominent. You can see full details here. With this new update, we will see if Epic Games can take a leap and slowly make Twinmotion become something big in the industry.

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Thank you & Happy Rendering!


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