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Overview NVIDIA Omniverse - The foundation that connects virtual worlds

NVIDIA Omniverse is a powerful design collaboration platform that accelerates your creative apps. Moreover, you create like never before, and at speeds, you’ve never experienced with Omniverse. Most importantly, NVIDIA Omniverse is available to millions of individual Creators and Artists Worldwide. 

Let’s visit this article to learn about Omniverse through Richard Kerris. He is the industry general manager for media and entertainment at NVIDIA.

General information

With Omniverse, NVIDIA’s real-time 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation platform. All artists, designers, and creators can use leading design applications to create 3D assets and scenes from their laptops or workstation.

Besides, Omniverse has been downloaded by almost 100,000 creators who are accelerating their workflows with its core rendering, physics, and AI.

Zhelong Xu, is a digital artist and Omniverse Creator based in Shanghai. He said, “NVIDIA Omniverse and RTX give artists a powerful platform with infinite possibilities.”

Creators like Xu are the people who will use Omniverse’s tools to build and collaborate on the vast amounts of content needed for this next generation of the web. They’re building interconnected 3D virtual worlds for commerce, entertainment, creativity, and industry.

Above all, NVIDIA also announced new platform developments for Omniverse Machinima and Omniverse Audio2Face, new platform features like Nucleus Cloud and 3D marketplaces, as well as ecosystem updates.

On the other hand, the culmination of over 20 years of NVIDIA’s groundbreaking work, Omniverse brings graphics, AI, simulation and scalable compute into a single platform to enhance existing 3D workflows. With Omniverse, free for individual users, GeForce RTX Studio creators can connect their favorite 3D design tools to a single scene and simultaneously create and edit between the apps.

New Omniverse Features

  • First of all, Omniverse Nucleus Cloud enables “one-click-to-collaborate” simple sharing of large Omniverse 3D scenes. That’s meaning artists can collaborate from across the room or the globe without transferring massive datasets. Changes made by the artist are reflected back to the client. It’s like working on a cloud-shared document, but for a 3D scene.
  • Next, new support for the Omniverse ecosystem is provided by leading 3D marketplaces and digital asset libraries. It gives creators an even easier way to build their scenes. TurboSquid by Shutterstock, CGTrader, Sketchfab, and Twinbru have released thousands of Omniverse-ready assets for creators. All are based on Universal Scene Description (USD) format and are found directly in the Omniverse Launcher. Reallusion’s ActorCore, Daz3D, and e-on software’s PlantCatalog will soon release their own Omniverse-ready assets.
  • Further, Omniverse Machinima for RTX creators has new features. It is included free characters, objects, and environments from leading game titles like Mechwarrior 5 and Shadow Warrior 3, plus Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and Squad assets in the Machinima library. Creators can remix and recreate their own game cinematics with these assets by dragging and dropping them into their scenes.
  • The last one, Omniverse Audio2Face, a revolutionary AI-enabled app that instantly animates a 3D face with just an audio track. Now it offers blend-shape support and direct export to Epic’s MetaHuman Creator app. This leaves the tedious, manual blend-shaping process to AI, so artists and creators can spend more time on their creative workflows.

Omniverse Ecosystem Expands

New Omniverse Connectors, extensions, and asset libraries prove that The NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystem expands. They were built by many partners. More importantly, there are 14 connectors to applications like Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. In addition, there are many more in the pipeline, including an Adobe Substance 3D Material Extension coming soon.

The latest Omniverse Connectors, extensions, and asset libraries include:

  • Firstly, e-on software’s VUE, an all-in-one application that allows users to create digital 3D nature. It is from skies and volumetric clouds to terrains, large-scale ecosystems, wind-swept vegetation populations, open water bodies, roads, and rocks. All based on nature’s rules and includes a native Omniverse live link connector that will sync all scene modifications directly to Omniverse stages.
  • Secondly, e-on software’s PlantFactory, a vegetation application that allows modeling of foliage as small as twigs. On the other hand, it is as big as giant redwood trees from scratch. It also models animation like wind and permits asset export in a wide variety of formats, including a direct link from PlantFactory to Omniverse.
  • Thirdly, e-on software’s PlantCatalog, which provides a collection of over 120 ready-made procedural vegetation assets.
  • The last one, Twinbru, a “digital twin of physical fabric” provider that supplies interior and exterior furnishing fabrics. They are offering 21,000 different fabrics and 11,000 digitized fabric twins. All high quality and physically accurate. And now integrated into Omniverse to help streamline manufacturing and architectural designs.

iRender - proud to be a partner with an Omniverse developer

The first Omniverse Machinima Ambassador, Pekka Varis, is one of iRender customers. He usually uses GPU servers which has multi-GPUs: RTX 3090 on his project. On the other hand, he created a lot of topics on Omniverse’s forum and share his experience with Omniverse there. You can take a look at one of them here

Likewise, we are an appropriate and effective service for special software for instance NVIDIA Omniverse. By many servers with powerful performance based on CPU and GPU, users will boost the performance rendering process on their projects. 

Besides, iRender’s workflow is simple and easy. You need to create an image and then boot a system. Next, you connect to our remote servers and take full control of our machines. There you can install any software that you want.

In conclusion, we not only have powerful configurations, but also we have excellent service with a great support team. In addition, we want to bring a comfortable and helpful feeling to all customers. You will always be satisfied when you use our service. I would like to sponsor hours rendering on power servers for you if you CREATE AN ACCOUNT right now and contact via email: [email protected] or Whatsapp/Telegram: +84 0394000881.

Source and images: blogs.nvidia.com

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