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Redshift in Cinema 4D Tutorials for Beginners

Redshift is an amazing tool for artists. Its render speed is amazing, not only for final renders, but while working on your scene, meaning that your scene looks the best it possibly can.  Redshift was co-founded by video game and software veterans Nicolas Burtnyk (Co-Founder and CEO), Panagiotis (Panos) Zompolas (Co-Founder and CTO), and Rob Slater (Co-Founder and VP of Engineering).

These free tutorials will help you learn how to get going with Redshift from the ground up. Most of these tutorials are geared towards beginners but they’re packed with information helpful to 3D veterans too. Take advantage of Redshift’s speed and start making photorealistic renders fast!

1. Overview at Redshift with Theo Kerr

Theo Kerr is a filmmaker, visual artist, and music producer. He specializes in videography, visual effects, CGI, color grading, photography, and communication through digital media.

Let’s take a quick look at this video to get you up and running:

2. Get started learning Redshift with Greyscalegorilla

We cannot help but mention Greyscalegorilla who has made training and tools to help motion designers and 3D artists. Exploring their Redshift tutorials through watching this video:

3. Explore Essential Nodes in Redshift with Aleks Kostrikin

Aleks Kostrikin stands for AKFX who is a Freelance Generalist proficient in all aspects of 3D/2D and post production. He has produced and managed every aspect of these works shown or occasionally in cooperation with up to one other artist. This video below is a comprehensive in depth tutorial on essential nodes within Redshift for Cinema 4D:

4. Check out Redshift tutorial with Five31

Five31, as known as Liam Clisham, is a motion designer and general creative from the Baltimore region. On the Youtube channel, he covers a variety of topics from Redshift, C4D, and Houdini, you can learn with series Redshift in Cinema 4D Tutorials

In this video, you’ll learn how to properly use texture maps from Megascans, Polygon, RDTextures or wherever you choose:

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