August 27, 2022 Linh Nguyen

Troubleshooting Simulation Problems with Dynamics in Cinema 4D

When dealing with a scene that has a lot of dynamic objects in it, simulating realistic dynamics can be a computationally expensive operation. The computer program must evaluate the geometry of each object in each frame to determine whether or not it has collided. In this article, we will learn about some tips to solve Simulation Problems with Dynamics in Cinema 4D.

1. Overview

Surely when using C4D you have ever encountered problems with simulation dynamics. Chances are your lights and background MoText aren’t responsible for that. Bend deformer doesn’t seem to be working on the 5 million poly 3D scan you imported. You should copy that bend deformer to a simple 5×5 cube to determine if the issue is with the deformer or the geometry.

2. Troubleshooting Tips

2.1. Seeing the Matrix

The Project Settings Dynamics Tab allows you to edit some global settings which will affect all dynamic objects in your scene. You can get to this window with the shortcut Control+D (Command+D on a Mac) and clicking on the Dynamics Tab. You can also open this menu from the Menu Bar at the top of your window, clicking on Edit and mousing down to Project Settings. Let’s check Enable and then hide our scene geometry to see the simulation as the program sees it.

2.2. Shape matters

We may access the Shape selection menu from the Collision Tab. This parameter is always set to Automatic by default, which simply selects one of the other choices from that list based on the type of item to which the tag is applied.

If you choose Static Mesh for collider geometry, this mode will take into account the entire collider’s geometry, providing more precise collisions.

2.3. Back to Square one

Until we are able to return to our initial setup and have it play without any errors, debugging is never completely complete. Restart your cloner and reveal all of your scenes.

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