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5 Quick tips in Redshift for Cinema 4D with Five31

As everyone knows, Redshift is a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer. In this article, we want to introduce you to a Youtube channel. Here’s the place you can find topics from Redshift, Cinema 4D, and Houdini: Five31. This channel was built by Liam Clisham, a motion designer and general creative from Baltimore. Today, let’s figure out 5 quick tips in Redshift for Cinema 4D with iRender.

1. Custom shortcut to connect to the output node

To save time, using the shortcut is necessary to work faster. So how to do custom a shortcut in Reshift for Cinema 4D? Under Tools you will see these options: Create Texture Node, Connect Node to Output with shortcut Ctrl+.., or Connect Node to Viewport with shortcut Ctrl+Shift+... To create a shortcut for the Output node, start with pressing “Shift+C” and then enter your command by searching for Customize Commands. In the Name Filter field, you just search about Connect Node. When it comes up, you can start customizing it with that whatever you want. 

For example, you can change the shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+4 to Connect Node to Output. So now you can switch to enable connect node output or not quickly by shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+4 on the keyboard. 

2. Standard C4D noise and shaders

People always think that they can’t use any built-in noise azure shaders and presets that come with Cinema 4D. That’s just wrong, you actually have to pipe it into a regular redshift texture node before it will work.

So you can totally use c40 noises inside of redshift. Moreover, you can use a gradient if you want, or these things like shades, etc. To sum up, that’s you just take the c40 shader plug it into an actual redshift texture, and then pipe it in wherever you want.

3. Saving a library of assets

Someone tell that you can’t have custom libraries for redshift. But that’s just not true. That’s to say you can totally save your stuff. You just go into just the regular content browser then go to File, choose New preset library. After that, we’ll just name it like RS_C4D. Just like simple steps, you can save your presets.

4. Setting A/B comparisons right in the Render Viewer

You can do A/B testing really quickly right in your Render Viewer. There has a plus sign. It’s like a snapshot while your scene rendering. When it’s about 15-20 percent rendered, you click the “Plus” sign and you can take a snapshot of that scene and then compare it with others. You are free to tweak your scene and then render a bit to get a snapshot. Then you will adjust or compare with other without completing the final rendering. It would save your time a lot. 

5. Use Object ID multipass properly

How to do object ID passes actually work? This tip from Chad Ashley. He is the Head of Product and is the Creative Director at Greyscalegorilla. I suppose to understand clearly about this tip, you should watch this below video at 6.45m:

Besides, this video will show all tips that you can know in this article clearly. Hope you can enjoy it!

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Five31 - Liam Clisha - Youtube Channel
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