September 7, 2020 iRender

7 new features which people looking forward to Vray 5 for 3Dsmax

Chaos Group has released Vray 5 for 3Dsmax. What is new in Vray 5? Let’s iRender introduce you in this article!

1. Layer-based compositing VRay Frame Buffer

The new VFB2 (from Max version 2018) allows to composting in VFB like PTS to minimize associate LightMax. It is so friendly.

There are many new features in VFB. It’s more complete than the Beta version.

2. Light Mix

Such as Corona 5, the Vray 5 for 3Dsmax has to Light Mix feature which people are looking for. 

Light Mix will automatically create the light for each part in a scene. So it improves the render speed. However, in work processes, time-saving by the experiments. 

3. Material Libary

Material Libary in Vray 5 for 3Dsmax has more than 500 available materials to ready to use.

4. Material Previews

Material Previews become more exactly. This feature helps decrease the difference between the previews and the render final. 

5. Coat and Sheen layers in V-Ray Material (Vraymtl)

You can make the Coat and Sheen layer in VrayMtl instead of making it in VRayBlendMtl. This way reduce render speed more than VRayBlendMtl. 

6. presets VRayMtl & VRayHairNextMtl

The presets are available. You just need to choose and use it to save time and faster.

7. Texture random

Add variety to your scene with the new VRayUVWRandomizer map and enhanced VRayMultiSubTex controls.

Besides, Vray 5 has many new features. You can read the detail here!

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