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Advantages of Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a Microsoft technology that allows a local computer to connect to and control a remote PC over a network or the Internet. It is done through a Remote Desktop Service (RDS) or a terminal service that uses the company’s proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

In this digital age, the world is working 24/7. So, it becomes important for people to access their computers and servers connected to the corporate network when they are not physically present in the office or location. On the other hand, since the advent of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the number of endpoints in a corporate network has been drastically doubling and tripling in recent times, and this majorly includes smartphones. All such developments demand the system administrators access devices to monitor and resolve issues when they arise. Remote access helps address such needs effectively and makes it convenient for users on the corporate network.

Here are 4 advantages you will have from getting a remote desktop connection.

Top Security

When you have your data virtualized, security is key to your success. You don’t want a solution that puts your information at risk. When you are using a service to get a remote desktop connection, you get a team of professionals to maintain your server. They ensure that your environment is constantly updated with the latest security fixes. You shouldn’t have to worry about your data. Now you get an environment that backs up your data and allows you to recover information if it is ever lost.

Working Remotely

If you have or want a BYOD environment at your company, you need to have the resources to make it efficient. Virtualizing your computer makes it accessible through any computer. This means, you will be able to access your desktop from home or on the go because you can get to it through a web browser. This allows your staff to be productive from any location.

Easy Access

The major benefit of a remote desktop connection is being able to connect to your data from anywhere in the world. Your data is in one place that is easy to see and you no longer have to have software installed on your own computer. You also eliminate the need to travel with flash drives to take your information with you.


Investing in technology is not easy on the budget. It takes a lot of money to build up a reliable tech solution that will provide the solutions your business needs. This cost is offset when you utilize a remote desktop service. You don’t have to invest in the servers or staff to maintain those servers. You can also save on hardware because employees can bring their own devices to access their desktop.

iRender provides high-configuration and high-performance machines for rendering. You will get access to the remote server via Remote Desktop Connection and take full control of it, using the remote server is the same as your local computer.

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