December 25, 2021 Yen Lily

How to free up disk space from Adobe Premiere Pro

When you work with Adobe apps like After Effects or Premiere Pro, sometimes you will encounter situation like not having enough hard-drive space storage. It’s because Adobe products also store files in its Media Cache Database for quick access.  And even if you have deleted your projects, those cache file still stay there, add up in space over time.

In this article, let’s find out a method to delete cache files that clog up your hard-drive (we take Premiere Pro as example).

How to free up disk space from Premiere Pro

Here are the steps:

        • From the menu, click on Edit.
        • ChoosePreferences > Media.
        • Under Media Cache Database, click on Clean.
        • Hit Okto close the Preferences dialog.

Then you will see a progress bar appear and it will notify you when complete.

After completion, a significant amount of disk space is cleared.

Or you can come to Media Cache Files by accessing this directory: C:\Users\*your computer name*\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files.

Those files inside that folder are video after the rendering and if you don’t use them, you can delete them.

After cleaning up the cache, you will see that your computer has gained back lots of disk space which were consumed by useless files.

You can change the location of saving your Media Cache Files, so that the C drive will not be full always. You also choose Edit>Preferences>Media>Media Cache Files then click one of the Browse buttons in the Media preferences.

Then you find any location for this, in whichever drive you want and click OK to finish.

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